Maun Senior’ Class Of 1980 Gives Back To The School


…the class comprised of VP, Nkate, Kahiya among other

Maun Senior Secondary School’s class of 1980, has come to their former school’s rescue by donating the much needed photocopying and printing machines.

The class, comprises of Vice President Slumber Tsogwane, former cabinet minister and ambassador Jacob Nkate, retired former Permanent Secretary Newman Kahiya as well as Thatayaone Dintho among others.

The three machines which are able to print 18000 black and white copies, 8000 colour and can also photocopy and fax, with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity were handed over to the school on Tuesday.

Giving a keynote address during the handover ceremony, senior consultant in the ministry of health and wellness, Dr Morrison Sinvula, revealed that it was befitting for the class of 1980 give back to the school that made them who they are today. He said this was because most of his classmates have made it in life.

According to Dr Sinvula, they decided to start with the printing machines as the school has during their visit last year indicated that lack of photocopying and printing machines was among top of their challenges.

“Our team decided to prioritize printing machine because the school indicated that they have challenges of printing examinations papers and faxing so we believed that needed to be addressed. So here are the machines and we hope to do more next time,” he promised.

Dr Sinvula assured that the class is focused and determined to see the school registering improved results. He mentioned that in 1978, they became the first mission school to get position one in the whole country in the Junior Certificate Examination.

“We even maintained the first position in 1980 in our Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education something that we want to see in the new generation,” he stressed.

Meanwhile Chief Education Officer Brown Sethapelo appreciated the good deed that the Class of 1980 adding that the ministry has opened their door for partnerships and adoption of schools for the betterment of the education system.

“What you have done today is one of the examples of relationships that our ministry promotes in order for our learners to benefit, we alone cannot manage to provide all that the schools need, therefore I encourage you to continue with the good job not only in Maun Senior School but in other schools,” he pleaded.

Sethapelo noted that the printing machines will go a long way in helping the school prepare for examinations on time, adding that the gesture will also challenge many of their students to do better in their studies.

For his part, the former class of 1980 Geography teacher Mmolotsi Mogapi was grateful to have lived long to witness the good deeds by his former students to their former school where he taught from 1978 until 1985.

He revealed that the class of 1980 was one of his best students that he has ever taught adding that many of his students now are doctors, permanent secretaries and one is the Vice President.


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