Maun Police Register Two Rape Cases Over The Weekend


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  • 12 rape cases reported since the beginning of the year

Maun Police station commander Superintended Dennis Zilawe has revealed that they are investigating two separate incidents in which a 19-year-old girl and 28-year-old woman were allegedly raped on Saturday and Sunday respectively.

This brings the total number of rape cases recorded this year to 12, as rape cases continue to be a cause for concern in Maun, especially on weekends and at entertainment centres.

In the first incident, Zilawe revealed that the 19-year-old girl of Boseja ward was allegedly raped by her ex-boyfriend whom she had met at an entertainment area at night. The complainant who was in company of some friends is reported to have asked the suspect to drive them home and he agreed.

However, along the way the suspect is said to have changed his mind and drove to his place informing the girls that he can only take them home the following day. Zilawe indicated that the man on that night then allegedly raped the complaint while others were asleep. Zilawe said the alleged perpetrator whose age is unknown is still at large.

In the second incident, Zilawe revealed that a 28-year-old woman of Moeti Ward was raped by a man of his age whom she also met at an entertainment area.  According to Zilawe, the suspect had asked the complainant who was in company of some friends to accompany him to his place to collect something.

The friends reportedly knew the suspect while the complainant did not. Zilawe said upon their arrival at his place the suspect and complainant got off the car and went into the house while others remained in the car.

He said that those in the car eventually drove off with the car leaving behind the suspect and complainant without their knowledge. Zilawe said while the two were waiting for others to return, the suspect is alleged to have then raped the complainant. The suspect has since been arrested and he is awaiting to appear before court.

Meanwhile Zilawe has expressed concerned over the increasing number of rape cases in his policing area. According to him, they have already recorded 12 cases in this New Year, 10 registered in January and two in February. “Usually most cases happen between people who know each other,” he added.

In a separate incident, Maun police recently arrested a 59-year-old man in Sedie who was found in possession of a carcass of a cow at his butchery suspected to have been stolen. According to Zilawe the suspect failed to proof ownership of the said carcass.

“Once the investigations are complete, we either going to charge him for stealing stock or possession of stolen stock,” he added.


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