Maun Police Investigate Two Suspected Suicide Incidents


Police in Maun are investigating two suspected incidents of suicide that occurred in Maun and Chanoga respectively.

Maun Police Station Commander Superintendent Chenamo Orateng has confirmed that in the first incident, they received a report at around 10 pm on Tuesday of some houses that were burning in Exit 6 at Disaneng ward.

He said when the police rushed to the incident they indeed found four thatched houses on fire, adding that from the look of things it appeared the fire started in one house and spread to the other three.

The fire fighters reportedly tried their best to stop the fire, but considerable damage had already been done to the houses.

Orateng revealed that when the police went inside the first house where the fire started, they found remains of one person who was burnt beyond recognition. Orateng said though investigations into the matter are still ongoing their suspicion however is that the owner of the house committed suicide by torching the house he was in as  he is currently nowhere to be found.

He further said that currently nobody knows where he is but his car was packed in the yard, inside the garage the night the incident took place. The body has since been taken for a post mortem to establish the exact cause of death.

Meanwhile in another incident, the Station Commander said that the body of a 24year old man of Maun was found in a bush at Chanoga village with a riffle besides him. According to Orateng, the incident was reported on Monday morning by a farmer who got the report from  the deceased’s colleagues who were last seen with him.

Orateng said the farmer had sent out three of his herdsmen, among them the deceased to look for his lost cattle. He said the trio were sent out to look in the nearby farms and were given a riffle by the farmer for protection in case they came across any wild animals.

He further said that as the day went by during the search, the herdsmen decided to take rest under the tree only for the deceased to snatch it from the other man and ran off into the bush. He added that the other two men who were left shocked reportedly started chasing him, in an attempt to restrain him.

Their attempt to find him were futile and they went back to the village to alert the farmer and other villagers. Orateng said that the two herdsmen and some villagers continued with the search for the deceased the following day and he was found dead with a gun wound and the riffle besides him.

Orateng said that they are still investigating the case to find out what really transpired and if indeed it was suicide.


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