Masisi Calls For Adaptation Financing Strategy Review


President Mokgweetsi Masisi has urged United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to re-think its adaptation financing strategy.

Masisi was speaking during the Climate Implementation Summit of the 27th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC, (COP 27) held at Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt.

Masisi noted that while there is acknowledgement of the science and warnings on climate change, implementation of desired adaptation actions and deliverables has however thus far remained elusive.

He said said it became evident from the exchanges at the recent 2022 National Adaptation Plans (NAP) Expo held in Gaborone that the need to implement adaptation actions is increasingly becoming more urgent, not only for Botswana but also for the rest of the vulnerable countries around the world.

He advised that for effective implementation of adaptation actions, the project based approach will not yield the intended results. According to him, adaptation financing, due to its long-term nature, should be embedded into 4 the national treasury as it requires established institutions and systems which are not project based.

“We need to re-think our adaptation finance strategy. We need to consider enjoining the Green Climate Fund and Adaptation Fund to create an adaptation window that can accommodate integrated innovative approaches to financing adaptation actions as opposed to project based financing,” the president urged.

Meanwhile Masisi has revealed that on mitigation, the Government of Botswana has made a decision to increase renewable energy penetration from 2% to 30% by 2030. This he explained will double the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) targets.

“These efforts are in line with the Energy Policy and Renewable Energy Strategy. Additional resources are pivotal to the full implementation of our integrated resource plan on an accelerated basis,” he stressed.

In addition, Masisi noted that Botswana has in place the Climate Change Policy and its associated Strategy and Action Plan.  Adaptation measures within the agricultural sector, he indicated includes the development of drought resistant crop varieties and livestock breeds more tolerable to the harsh climatic conditions.

The president has since assured the world leaders that Botswana’s commitment to the international community remains undiminished. He promised that within the limitation of the country’s financial resources, Botswana intends to do more especially through our research institutions to provide the necessary support given her capability and experience in the development of animal disease vaccines and disease management through the Botswana Vaccine Institute.

“With additional support to our research institutions, we can provide the world with some of the cutting-edge adaptation solutions especially on Agriculture and Health.”

The president has in conclusion pledged the country’s support to the COP Presidency as he steer the ongoing debates in the direction that should deliver timely results in implementation, especially on climate finance for adaptation and mitigation actions, technology development and research.


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