Martial Arts Club Embarks On A Recruitment Drive


In this evolving world where there is a surge in social ills such as Gender-Based Violence (GBV), alcohol and drug abuse and diseases, martial Arts may play a very significant role in refraining the youth by instilling self-discipline and self-defense skills.  

It is therefore imperative, to lure and bring more youth and adults into this sporting code.

This was said by the Founder of Maun Traditional Martial Arts, Stephan Motlalepuo in an interview with Times Sport recently. Motlalepuo revealed that between the months of August and September this year they would have completed the construction of their training facility in Maun, which will allow for the enrolment of more people.

The club, he revealed currently trains children aged between 3-17 years and more less of the youth aged between 18-21years. He indicated that they however intend to elevate by giving more an opportunity to gain the martial arts skills that will help them to cope with different challenges.

Motlalepuo noted that they intend to recruit members aged between the ages of 22 to 50 years, and then moving those aged over 50.

He indicated that they are currently renting the Maun Fitness Centre located in Maun Old Mall as their training facility during the weekends. The size of the facility, he lamented limits in their desire to recruit more members.  

According to Motlalepuo, martial arts build a physical, social and mental state of well-being.

“Martial Arts are a high-aerobic workout that uses every muscle groups in the body, stamina, muscle-tone and flexibility, through them the body balance and strength can improve,” he highlighted.

He also emphasized that the sport builds self-confidence as it makes individuals comfortable in all situations whether in danger or simply doing a task that takes beyond comfort zone. The martial arts, he revealed teaches great morals and values as they make someone less impulsive and aggressive towards others.

Maun Martial Arts was established in 2015 and it is an affiliate of Botswana All Budo Styles Association (BABUSA) which is Botswana’s first association to cater to all styles of martial arts.

According to Motlalepuo, there are currently about 10 Martial Arts clubs in Botswana. Motlalepuo has since thanked the Maun business community and other stakeholders for supporting the club in its intentions of promoting the martial arts as a valuable sporting code.



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