Man Charged For The Murder Of Woman Carrying Baby


A 29-year-old man of Disang ward in Maun was on Tuesday arraigned before Maun Principal Magistrate Chandapiwa Molefi for the alleged murder of Elinah Nkgorisang, a woman who was allegedly killed while carrying her child in her arms.

The charge stem from a series of violent events that unfolded on the night of May 24, 2024, culminating in the early hours of the following morning.

According to court documents, the chain of events began around 10 at night when Mashonja and Nkgorisang left her residence to go to a nearby shebeen for entertainment. They were accompanied by three friends. At approximately 5 am the following morning, the group returned to Nkgorisang’s home. It was then that an alleged altercation broke out between Mashonja and one of the friends.

The situation escalated quickly as Nkgorisang attempted to intervene, pleading with Mashonja to stop attacking their friend. In a fit of rage, Mashonja allegedly turned on the friend and stabbed him with a knife. He then directed his aggression towards Nkgorisang. During this commotion, Nkgorisang’s mother approached, holding Nkgorisang’s baby.

In an effort to protect her child, Nkgorisang took the baby from her mother and moved to sit in front of her mother’s house to breastfeed her daughter.

However, the violence did not end there. Mashonja allegedly followed Nkgorisang, snatched the baby from her arms, and walked away. Desperate to protect her child, Nkgorisang followed Mashonja, pleading with him to return her baby. Her pleas fell on deaf ears. As the confrontation continued, Nkgorisang’s son also followed, trying to intervene. It was during this altercation that Mashonja allegedly stabbed Nkgorisang in the chest.

Bleeding and weakened by the attack, Nkgorisang was assisted by her son, who supported her as they made their way back home, crying out for help. Nkgorisang was then rushed to Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital, where she was admitted. Despite the medical efforts to save her, Nkgorisang succumbed to her injuries and passed away shortly thereafter.

Mashonja was formally arraigned on Tuesday and has been further remanded. The court has scheduled his next appearance for June 11, 2024 for status update.

The legal ramifications for Mashonja are severe. Under Botswana’s Penal Code, particularly Section 202, the punishment for a single count of murder can include the death penalty. However, the court retains the discretion to consider extenuating circumstances, which could result in a lesser sentence such as life imprisonment or a specific term of years.


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