Magistrate Withdraws Jealous Ex-Boyfriend Threat To Kill Charges


Maun Magistrate Gofaone Mosweu has withdrawn a threat to kill matter in which a 39-year-old man threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend. The case was withdrawn after the victim Nkemisang Oxho pleaded for the case to be withdrawn.

The accused person Onalethata Samukunda was facing a single count of threat to kill. This was after he threatened kill Oxho on May 8th May 2022 following a misunderstanding by repeatedly uttering the words “ke tsile go go bolaya abo ke ipolaya” meaning “I will kill you and commit suicide”.

Appearing before Mosweu recently the complainant, Oxho pleaded for the matter to be withdrawn arguing that despite their break-up Samukunda is the one who was solely helping her take care of her children since she is unemployed.   

When asked whether she has explored other ways for him to make provision for the children without her withdrawing the matter, Oxho cited that even if the accused person was not assisting with taking care of the children she would have still withdrawn the matter.

“I do not want to go on with the charges, it was just a mistake for me to have reported the matter because we were both drunk when all these happened,” Oxho said.

Mosweu subsequently withdrew the matter, but not before she cited that whether the complainant and the accused person was drunk or not, the accused person didn’t need to threaten the complainant and assault her.

Particulars of the offense are that fateful day while the accused person was in the company of the complainant who was then his girlfriend, Onalethata Moabi and Tidimalo were drinking traditional beer at the complainant’s place which was also a shebeen when the misunderstanding erupted.

It is said that Oxho was sitting next to Tidimalo on a bench and this angered the accused person who began kicking the complainant and accused her of being friends with the said Tidimalo and basically harassing the duo.

According to court documents, the accused person is said to have then left the shebeen where he later returned and started harassing the complainant again and beating her in the presence of Moabi. The accused person is said to have then repeatedly uttered the threat to kill words “ke tsile go go bolaya abo ke ipolaya” meaning “I will kill you and commit suicide,”


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