Light Of Tsutsubega Strives For Community Prosperity And Growth


In a bold move towards economic empowerment and community development, the Light of Tsutsubega company has set sight on creating more than 100 jobs within the span of a year. Nestled in the heart of Tsutsubega, this visionary company aims to transform lives and ignite progress.

Led by the dynamic Chairperson Ntshiang Kedumetse, the Light of Tsutsubega is charting a path toward sustainable growth with their strategy involving collaboration with existing business entities in the area, fostering investment that directly benefits the local community, engaging companies that seek to channel resources back into Tsutsubega and nurture a thriving ecosystem.

Speaking during the launch of the company at Tsutsubega village (on the outskirts of Maun) recently, Kedumetse revealed that the company has forged a partnership with andBeyond, an eco-tourism operator committed to sustainable practices to venture into irrigation farming to ensure food security and also create more than 50 jobs for the community.

She Further emphasised that Tsutsubega’s natural beauty and warm hospitality make it an ideal location for a campsite business and the company anticipates generating more than 50 additional jobs through this venture, indicating that with over 500 residents, the demand for recreational spaces is evident.

Light of Tsutsubega has further enlisted the support of Impact Fund and The People’s Path – organisations dedicated to community initiatives and small businesses. Together, they are unlocking the tourism value chain, ensuring that Tsutsubega’s potential is harnessed effectively and competitively.

Ruth Stuard, Director of Impact Fund, has explained their pivotal role in powering Tsutsubega to establish a company limited by guarantee, the Light of Tsutsubega development company. This strategic move enables effective engagement within the tourism industry, bridging the gap between dreams and reality.

Addressing Tsutsubega community recently, Stuart revealed that the Tsutsubega company aims to facilitate access through strategic partnerships and a capacity-building program, ensures that local businesses gain access to critical resources. He further indicated that whether its training, funding, or market linkages Tsutsubega’s entrepreneurs are now better equipped to navigate the complex tourism value chain.

Furthermore, she indicated that the company will help promote effective engagement, acting as a bridge connecting small enterprises with larger players in the industry by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mentorship to pave way for effective engagement within the tourism ecosystem.

Stuart revealed that People’s Path engages directly with Tsutsubega’s residents, identifying their needs and aspirations to ensure that development initiatives align with the community’s vision.

“Understanding the intricacies of the tourism value chain is crucial. People’s Path conducts workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, equipping Tsutsubega’s entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed to thrive,” indicating that both Impact Fund and People’s Path share a common vision: a vibrant Tsutsubega where every individual has a stake in the tourism industry.


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