Lentswe The Comedian’s Rise To Fame


Moratwa Nawa, who goes by the name of Lentswe The Comedian whose comedy career started as a challenge between him and his friends during the Covid-19 lock down in 2020, made his first video called ‘Barutwana ba ga Jeso’ with his friend Bokamoso Phatsha.

The duo made first video to prove that it would trend on social media, and true to his word it gained so much traction as it was shared across social media platforms.

From just that one funny video that went trending on social media, and many hilarious ones that followed, Lentswe the Comedian has become a household name where comedy is concerned. The social media comedian was born and bred in Maun.

After the first video, so many people encouraged him to open a Facebook page and create more. Even though he was a bit hesitant, he ended up going for it, and the following has been amazing. The comedian currently has 234 000 followers on Facebook, 1056 on YouTube with 19 videos and 12 700 on Tiktok.

Nawa indicated that he creates his content by making short comedy clips in interviews and answering to some questions in a very amusing way, he sometimes creates rib-tickling action videos.

But he noted that most of the videos he makes are of interviews as he gets a lot of positive feedback from them. In the interview videos, the comedian partners with some of his friends Bokamoso Phatsha and Thapelo Tshoganetso.

Nawa noted that his ideas for other videos randomly appear, “sometimes they come as dreams and then I wake up and write them down so that I don’t forget” Lentswe added.

 “The video that had so many reactions and many people made challenges of it was the “Bobonong video’, however the video that I like most is my second video called Bots50 which attracted many reactions.”

The Maun based comedian has always received love from his fans who positively comment on his content. “So far none of my videos have ever been harshly criticized” he commended.

Nawa added that he benefits from creating social media content as it brings him to the spotlight where so many companies, producers and event coordinators recognize his brand.

He however noted that one of the major challenges most of the talented people from the northern part of the country face is not getting recognition from the government and private sector, therefore missing out on opportunities which could help them grow as artists.

He however said that his way of marketing which is simply making the funniest videos has helped him reach an Animation professional, Sipho Hlalele who then decided that they should change their approach and animate some of the interview videos. The idea has had some success as they were offered a slot in the Makgabaneng show.


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