Land Applicants Urged To Apply Once


Sehithwa Sub Landboard has raised concerns that the tendency by members of the public to make numerous applications for land allocation delays the process.

“Applicants apply for so many residential plots which delays land allocation and causes confusion. Some of the applicants are already allocated or have long been allocated plots but still appear on the new waiting list making it difficult to allocate to those who do not have plots,” the Board Chairperson Frisco Gabokakangwe indicated in a report presented to the Maun Administrative Authority Sub Council recently. 

Gabokakangwe has since encouraged applicants to make up their minds about the area they wish to be allocated and make only one application to avoid appearing in many lists. He noted that there is a very low turn up for the allocation of residential plots and this he said is because some applicants already have plots, and do not inform the board, in turn delaying it reaching its target.

According to the chairperson, the board had set itself a target to allocate 955 for the 2022/23 financial year but has as of 11th November 2022 allocated 542 which is only 56.75% of the target. The allocation was done in three sittings of August, October and November 2022.

Gabokakangwe revealed that a total of 2051 applicants were invited from the month of August and only 33.93% of that number showed up being about 696 applicants. The Chairman further stated that the first invitation of August the attendance was much better standing at 52.33% but was lower during October at 19.51%.

The chairman indicated that the percentage of those allocated is above 70% for all three sittings, with the highest being the month of August with 82.48%. “The rejection level is at 15.66% with highest recorded in November at 20.39%,” he revealed. He added that the deferral is low with 5.75% and the lowest being October with 3.15%.

The number of applicants reportedly started with 600 applicants then was increased looking at the low attendance level. The chairman added that in the last allocation of November 2022, the number of applicants was 800 but the board still failed to allocate all the plots.


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