Land Applicants Not Turning Up For Allocation – Tawana Land Board


Failure by members of the public to honour invitations for consideration of plot allocations they would have applied for, may affect efforts by Tawana Land Board to meet its target of allocating 17 918 plots this financial year.

This has been revealed by board Secretary Dothodzo Tabengwa who said that the numbers of those not turning when called for allocation were alarming. According to Tabengwa, in the previous weeks, the villages of Maun, Makalamabedi and Matsaudi had a total of 1398 plots to be allocated but only 508 were allocated.

He fears that at this pace at which they are moving, they might not reach their set target of allocating the 17 918 plots in Ngamiland.

Tabengwa said the trend delays the whole process, as the same people have to be re-invited.

“With the target that Tawana Land Board has of allocating 17 918 residential plots, we have so far only allocated 6161 plots which is very low number and a worrying,” he told this publication.

However, some members of the public have complained that the low turn up could be due to the invitations or communication not reaching the concerned applicants. Some have posited that making invitations via social media is problematic for those who do not have access.

In another strange revelation, some have alleged that even after being allocated plots, they keep seeing their names reappearing on the list.

In response to these concerns from the public, Tabengwa however said the board notifies the public in many ways to ensure that the message reaches everybody. He added that they call the individuals via phones, and also send bulk messages. In addition, he said that they ensure that they upload an updated list on their Facebook page every week for each person to see.

“We are aware that not everybody has access to social media so the calls and bulk messages are for all those who are not able to access the list provided on Facebook,” he added.

He added that sometimes messages do not reach applicants because the number they provided when applying would no longer be in use as most of the applications were made way back in 2006, which might be the reason why they cannot receive calls and text messages.

Meanwhile Tawana Land Board Chairperson Emmanuel Dube said people who already have plots and are invited also contribute to the delay as they can only be removed from the list after turning up for interviews.  This may include those with plots and want to swap for a plot elsewhere.



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