Kycia Residents Get Standpipes, Thanks To Tcheku Trust


Tcheku Community Trust located within the NG 11 Concession in the Eastern panhandle of the Okavango Delta is planning to install stand pipes for Kycia residents who have been fetching water from a borehole that is few kilometers from the settlement.

In an interview, Trust’s Spokesperson James Tebogo revealed that currently for one to access water from the community borehole they have to travel long distance since there is no standpipe or any water point within their settlement.

“The project will be donor funded with an estimated P100 000 to construct a pipe line from the borehole into the community where standpipes will be installed,” Tebogo said.

Tebogo indicated that the stand pipes will ensure that residents easily access clean drinking water without any struggles.

He noted that the current borehole was initially owned by the Government but was later handed over to Kycia settlement and is currently managed and maintained by the Trust to ensure smooth operation.

Meanwhile Tebogo has revealed that plans are at an advanced stage to clear road side vegetation on a 34 km graded road from Tobere to Kycia. He complained that the vegetation has become a hindrance for vehicles accessing the area especially the mobile clinic which comes to the area once in a while to provide residents with medical assistance.

Tebogo lamented that the road has made it difficult for health personnel to access the area adding that some residents were only able to get their first COVID-19 vaccine in June this year after the community trust assisted the medical personnel to pass through the bushy road.  

“The project will be 50% donor funded and it will employ around ten residents from the four settlements of Tobere, Kaputura, Kycia and Seshokora,” Tebogo said.

Tebogo noted that the community trust also intends to construct four pit latrines in the settlement for proper sanitation.

He said the project which will cost around P100 000 will also be extended to Tobere settlement with ten pit latrines and Kaputura with six.  

Tebogo noted that this came up after realising that there were no toilets in the area which resulted to poor sanitation.


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