Khoemacau Continues Uplifting Communities 


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As part of Khoemacau Copper Mining’s commitment to uplift the lives of the communities in which they operate in, the company has in collaboration with their sub-contractors, Barminco Mining Services, SMEI projects and Kalcon donated fully-fledged poultry projects in Komana, Somelo and Toteng villages respectively.

The initiative (legacy projects) also forms part of both their sustainable community development strategy and investment strategy manner; in order to ensure that even when they no longer operate in the area their communities will remain self-sustaining.

The company handed over a poultry project to Komana and Toteng villages with a total of 400 chickens donated to each by SMEI projects and Kalcon respectively while Barminco donated 100 chickens to the Somelo project.

KCM Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Johan Ferreira indicated that the poultry layers projects for these communities produce approximately up to 1300 eggs a day adding that their service provider company; Fresh Camp Services purchase all the eggs at a total value of P2,860 a day; P85,800 a month and P1,029,600 a year.

“The amounts shared are significant and very soon it will be possible for the VDC’s to support the local schools and clinics and they will start to exploit other retail markets in Maun,” he noted.

Ferreira revealed that since the inception of the legacy projects initiative in 2019, they have initiated and completed 10 projects. 

According to him, a total of P5,059,000 has been spent in these projects which include the donation of a copying machine at Bothatogo Primary School at a tune of P40,000, chicken projects at average of P200,000. and lastly the Toteng clinic at P3,250,000.00. The construction of Toteng clinic he noted is at an advanced stage while many more others are still on the pipeline.

“We have impacted in areas of education like the Ngami Junior School where we renovated and refurbished the girl’s ablutions as well as in areas of health; the Toteng clinic project and economic development which is the poultry projects,” he said.

Meanwhile the communities in these villages appreciated and welcomed the poultry projects, with Komana VDC chairperson Nelson Elias pleading with the companies at the mine to continue buying from the projects, adding that they have recently experienced more clients.

Somelo Kgosi Mokhutswane Komeng said the project in his village will go a long way to improve the livelihoods, through creation of opportunities for new businesses.

At Toteng, the VDC chairperson Asaria Tjitunga called for the mine (KCM) and their sub-constructors to continue buying from them so that they can able to raise more capital to able to grow and expand their businesses.

“We plead with the companies to buy the eggs from us, we also have goats and sheep in Toteng therefore come and buy meat from us so that we can grow our community businesses and employ more of our unemployed youth,” he pleaded.


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