Kekgonegile’s Administration Officer Denies Move To Join BDP


  • This follows his resignation from MP’s office
  • denies having fallen out with BCP
  • also denies reports he is joining BDP

Batisane Baliki, who was Maun East Member of Parliament, Goretetse Kekgonegile’s campaign manager leading to the 2019 general elections has refuted reports that his resignation from the latter’s constituency office was because of a fall out, and that he is also on his way to join the ruling party. 

Baliki’s resignation from the MP’s office as Senior Administration Officer raised suspicions that the Botswana Congress Party (BCP) in the Maun East Constituency has been highly infiltrated by the ruling BDP and that it dangled a carrot for Baliki to ditch BCP and join them.

Allegations which he has however flatly denied assuring that he is in good terms with Kekgonegile, and that he is not joining the BDP.

“There is nothing that forced me out of the office, and I am in good terms with Kekgonegile and the BCP,” Baliki said in an interview.

Baliki was reluctant to reveal reasons for his resignation save to say it was personal. However, when pressed by this publication, Baliki reluctantly revealed that he is about to join the private sector but will reveal much about that when the time is right.

Baliki revealed that even some of his colleagues, especially councillors believe that he was bought by the ruling party which he treat as political opinions. He added that allegations that he is joining the party are also fueled by his opponents in their bid to gain political mileage. Baliki added that there is no truth in allegations that he was given P20 000 by the ruling party in assisting him to do his projects at his farm.

Baliki stressed that he remain a loyal member of the BCP and just like in the previous assignments he will continue to help the party win the constituencies in Ngamiland including Chobe.

“I am about to be active in political affairs within the constituency but I first need to engage with the party leadership,” Baliki noted indicating that he is ready and willing to be assigned anywhere by the party.

“I have 24 years as a BCP member and I have gone through all the structures of the party expect for the central committee. I have aspirations to join the committee and serve up to the last structure of the party in future.”

When reached Kekgonegile said he could not say much about Baliki’s resignation as it has nothing to do with him nor the party. ‘‘He was an employee at the office of the parliament and in the letter he stated that his reasons were personal so I believe he is the rightful person to talk to,” the MP said.


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