Kekgonegile Launches Online Magazine For Writers


Zandile Kekgonegile, a journalist by profession who is also a marketing extraordinaire and business developer will in November virtually launch her online magazine titled ‘Whispers of the Soul Sister,’ which is a portal for self-expression and learning.

The creative hub is a chance for creatives and journalists to get their works published and also a place that accelerates talent discovery, allowing content creators to bypass the old gate keepers of editors and publishers.

The founder of the new online magazine for women’s mandate is to engage with readers’ emotions and inspire them to make a change in their lives and habits for the better. The magazine is a creative space, where fellow creatives & journalists can premiere their work.

The new portal is designed to help unlock one’s creative potential, whether they are seeking inspiration, looking for creative writing prompts or hoping to connect with like minded individuals.

The Magazine found on different socials including Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a safe place to validate the creative content and a platform to share some feel good content (Motivation) and also get valuable feedback, learning from fellow creatives who understand the journey.

The interested writers and content creators will be sending their content through an email where their work will be edited, a profile will be created, pictures will be taken and a professional layout of the profile and story will be made.

In an interview with the Founder of the Online Magazine, she said that her aim is to minimize the occurrences of loss of motivation in striving for a goal, spreading some light in a time where social media is flooded with propaganda and non-encouraging content.

She said that because they know that striving for goals and dream-chasing isn’t easy, hustling, grinding, and reaching for dreams is no walk in the park therefore she has created a platform to inspire and motivate all the aspiring writers and journalists to keep striving to be the best.

She highlighted that as there are many people who genuinely enjoy writing but have not been published they are willing to allow writers to overcome their fears and publish their creations to portray their uniqueness and creativity.

“Just about every person who is striving for a goal or a dream will at some point lose their motivation during their pursuit. Not fully, but you will have your down days, therefore we have created a space where there will be someone to motivate you, and someone to trust,” Kekgonegile added.

She further indicated that they are currently raising awareness of the online magazine and getting submissions of content and stories that will be uploaded as soon as the magazine is launched.


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