Kasane Water Treatment Plant To Improve Water Supply


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The new Kasane Water Treatment Plant is expected to improve water supply reliability in the Chobe enclave, which has been yearning for enhanced, efficient and reliable water supply.

The P304 000 000 plant that was constructed by Zhong Gan Engineering & Construction and Magara Building Construction as 70/30 joint venture commenced in September 2020 and was completed this month.

Through the project four million litres of water will be drawn out from the Chobe River on daily basis to the treatment plant which has a capacity of 60 mega litres per day.

In an interview, Water Utilities Corporation (WUC) CEO Gaselemogwe Senai said the aim of the project was to build a bigger, improved and reliable water treatment plant to augment water supply to Kasane, Kazungula, Lesoma and Chobe enclave villages (Mabele, Kavimba, Kachikau, Parakarungu and Satau).

He stated that the project would improve reliability of water supply which will in turn provide customer satisfaction, adding that through the project they will meet water demand and produce portable water that meets the required standards (water quality standard BOS 32:2015). He added that the project was also intended to comply with the Kasane – Kazungula redevelopment plan.

For his part, Chobe District Council Chairman Chimney Mululwani is delighted that the water treatment plant that costed the government a huge amount of money will quench Chobe population from thirst.

“The communities have been waiting for the treatment plant to be commissioned and according to WUC, the demand of portable water has been more than what the old plant could produce due to the high temperature,” he said.

Meanwhile, regarding the Kasane Hospital project which is expected to commence in the next financial, Mululwani said they are looking forward for the ground breaking of the project. He said as the project is in the Transformational National Development Plan they are very sure that it will start as soon as its plot is available.

Mululwani noted that the project is of paramount importance as the existing Kasane Primary Hospital buildings are too old and staring to dilapidate. The chairman said that as a tourism town they need a hospital that will be fully equipped and in good standard for both locals and international tourists.


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