Junior Rangers Launches Fourth Publication


Junior Ranger Botswana, an NGO that provides environmental education to children and youth in Botswana this week launched its fourth publication titled ‘The Land Around Us’.

Authored by Cornelis Van Der Post and Pete Hancock, the book serves as a guide to some of the rocks, sand, landforms and landscapes found in Botswana, including their history formations and uses. Speaking in an interview on the sidelines of the launch held at The Duck Café and Bar in Maun, Van Der Post said that the idea behind the book is to educate the children about the land they live in.

He added that as they were traveling around the country they realised the uniqueness of its land, sand and rocks. “These are very important as they form the solid ground of the earth upon which we live, walk and build roads, houses and cites,” he told The Weekender.

He added that the rocks and sand are ingredients from which landforms are made therefore the aim is to educate the children of Botswana and anyone else interested how they were formed, the types that are available and how they could be preserved. 

‘The Land Around Us’ publication follows after the three books that have already been written by the NGO and these are- The Mammals Around Us, The Plants Around Us and The Birds Around Us.

The Junior Ranger-program which started in April 2017 regularly teaches children and young people are about specific environmental protection topics in educational units both at schools and at the Maun Educational Park. The teachings combine education with joy and the practical experience of community in nature. 

Among the 11 schools in Maun, the organisation has 420 members and they are engaged on a weekly basis for environmental conservation lessons.  The program aims to integrate more schools from Maun into the program and thus make participation possible for more children.

The program is a collaborative project between the Knyphausen Stifung (publisher) and the Future Explorers Youth Society.


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