JCI Oldies And Abaricom Partnership Connects Chanoga School


JCI Oldies and Abaricom – a network connectivity solutions provider donated internet connectivity to Chanoga Primary School which will enable early-stage educational development for the school and the Chanoga community at large.

JCI Oldies is a group of JCI Botswana Alumni, who embrace and espouse the JCI values and ethos. JCI Botswana is a national organization affiliated with JCI International and a non-profit making organization engaged and committed to creating a positive impact in their communities.

Donated under the theme, “Infusing Mindset Change through Technology Adoption,” the NGO said connecting internet to the school comes at the opportune time where Botswana espouses digitization to fast economic growth through technology and innovation.

It believes that the donation will further enable innovativeness and connectivity of Chanoga to the global village and that the project will embrace technology as an enabler to the development of the village’s local economy.

“As the JCI Oldies, we have found it imperative to give back to the community of Chanoga to align with the government’s efforts aimed at creating a knowledge based economy while infusing mind-set change through technology adoption,” the NGO said in a statement.

Speaking at the handing over of the donation ceremony in Chanoga on Friday, Abaricom official, Mbaki Motlotlegi said as a company they pride themselves about bringing change to people through sustainability and social inclusivity. He noted that through technology people can have access to opportunities that improve their lives.

“We want to see this technology used to assist teachers, leaners and the community at large to develop themselves and for the students to improve their academic performances,” Motlotlegi said.

For his part, the school’s headmaster, Tumelo Moloi appreciated that the donation will help them improve their academic performance which he acknowledged has not been satisfying coming from the past. He revealed that in 2021 their overall performance was 52% and 64% in 2022. For this year, Moloi revealed that their target is to score over 60%.

Meanwhile the school’s SRC President, Kaone Kapinga has promised that they will use the internet responsibly to help upgrade their academics.

Still in Chanoga, JCI Oldies in partnership with Cally Clothing, a merchandise and branding provider donated t-shirts branded Botswana colours, to the Chanoga community to wear during the upcoming Botswana Independence Celebrations.

“The JCI Oldies also found it fit to donate Botswana branded apparel to the Chanoga community with the intention to contribute to the branding of the Chanoga Village with Botswana colours during the Independence Day festivities. This will enable the community to feel proud of being important participants towards celebrating the great journey that Botswana has undertaken from gaining independence to date.”

JCI Oldies undertakes an annual retreat and reunion every September where the Chapter intends to make a positive change to the community it visits and this year they chose Chanoga as the place to visit.

 The NGO said from their community development analysis which informs them about the type of donation to provide to the community indicated that Chanoga Primary School, which is the foundation of early childhood development, does not internet connectivity.


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