Jah Works’ Artistic Journey To Keep Maun’s Soul Alive


Robinson Morris, known to many as ‘Jah works,’ has shared with The Weekender an intimate glimpse into his artistic journey and the inspirations that breathe life into his Maun vibrant creations.

“I find inspiration from this town, which I have grown up in my whole life,” Jah works shared. “The beauty of the people’s culture and ethnic tapestry—from the Herero to the Hambukushu to the Bayei—captivates me. I see their beauty and have fallen in love with it.” His deep connection to Maun and its myriad cultures infuses his work with authenticity and passion.

Jah works’ artistic style is characterised by its freedom and lack of confinement. His work seeks to tell the forgotten stories and capture the essence of life in Maun. His pieces often reflect the cultural architecture and fauna of Maun and its surrounding areas, which he transforms into paintings, T-shirts, and other crafts, available as merchandise at The Duck Restaurant by the airport

Furthermore, Jah Works revealed that his journey into art began in a rather mischievous manner. As a child at Thamalakane Primary School, he would sketch at the back of his textbooks, driven by an insatiable passion for drawing despite the absence of formal art lessons. This led to frequent disciplinary actions from his teachers, but these early rebellious acts were the seeds of his blossoming artistic career.

Influenced by local artists whose keen eye and skill he admired, Jah works aspired to follow in their footsteps. Over time, he developed a unique style, primarily focusing on abstract art. He views himself as a conduit for messages from a higher being, an amalgamation of his African heritage and the Rastafarian religion, which he embraces as symbols of love and peace with all mankind.

“The art that I paint now comes from a deep place within me,” Jah Works explained. “I have found that it can only be an almighty being, and I am just a messenger of sorts.” His philosophy revolves around achieving inner peace and avoiding substances that could cloud his presence in the world. This mindful approach allows his creativity to flow effortlessly.

Finally, one of Jah works’ greatest joys is passing on his knowledge to the next generation. He mentors several young artists, helping them find their voices and achieve their artistic goals.

“My vision is to open an art studio where I can pass on the knowledge to the young souls that come after me,” he stated. “To share that they can chase their dreams in art and achieve their goals. I am simply continuing the cycle that those before me passed on, and my greatest joy is sharing the true essence of art with the next generation.”


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