Installation Of New Traffic Lights Underway


The North West District Council (NWDC) has embarked on a project to install new traffic lights to replace the old ones as well at key intersections that had become obsolete in an effort to manage the long-standing traffic congestion.

The traffic lights, at key intersections near Caltex and Shoppers in Boseja have surpassed their maintenance period, resulting it malfunctioning which exacerbated traffic congestion, especially during peak hours.

NWDC spokesperson Tsholofelo Mogale confirmed to this publication that Drop Wire (Pty) Ltd, which has engaged for the project is already on-site. The company is expected to have completed the project by May 17, 2024.

According to Mogale, the new traffic lights will be a modern version similar to the ones used by the Gaborone City Council. He added that the council aims to enhance efficiency and reduce congestion, indicating that additional traffic lights will be installed in Maun to further alleviate traffic bottlenecks.

“NWDC plans to install two extra traffic lights. These will be strategically placed at the traffic circle near Nissan and the four-way junction near Ngami Toyota,” adding that the implications of this infrastructure upgrade are significant. Not only will it ease traffic movement, but it will also enhance emergency response times.

Mogale further emphasised that, NWDC’s commitment to swift procurement ensures that Maun’s traffic challenges will soon be alleviated.

Meanwhile, Mogale emphasised that Maun, as the largest village in the North West District, has experienced substantial growth in population and further indicated that according to Statistics Botswana, the town’s population stands at over 85,293.

“As the village continues to expand, NWDC’s investment in traffic management becomes even more critical going forward, therefore we are happy that such infrastructure is finally here,” he said.

Recently, Inspector Mogorogi Tshekelo of the Maun police traffic department, emphasised the urgency to address the situation of traffic lights in Maun.

“We are doing all we can to mitigate the impact of traffic congestion. Our goal is to ensure smoother traffic flow, reduce delays, and enhance safety,” he said.

Inspector Tshekelo further indicated that they had challenges of traffic officers because of other commitments, adding that in solving the situation, they have assigned two officers from the Accident Prevention Section (APS) to attend to the traffic section at times.

“This means, the two officers sometimes attend to the traffic section and at times attend to the accident section. Therefore, there are times we are not going to see them at the traffic section. We are trying all possible to control the situation though we have shortage of manpower at the office,” he said.


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