I’m Sorry – Mechanic Says In Suicide Note


A 41 year old popular mechanic of Mopakong ward in Gumare Village who went missing for two days was found hanging from the roof rafters of his house on Monday morning.

Out of curiosity and worry on the whereabouts of their son, the family members peeped through the window of his house in the morning when they came upon a shocking sight of his body hanging and they immediately reported the shocking incident to the police.

Gumare Police Station Commander Superintendent Dennis Zilawe who confirmed the incident, revealed that the case was reported at around 8am on the 29th of August. He said that when they rushed to the scene they realised that the door was locked from the inside which led them to breaking it down in order to gain entrance. Zilawe said the deceased who used a rope to commit suicide was then rushed to Gumare Primary Hospital where he was certified dead.

He indicated that the deceased was last seen on the 27th of August before he was found dead on the 29th,  Zilawe added that they have not yet established the reasons behind the deceased’s decision to claim his own life. The mechanic is said to have only left a suicide note which unfortunately did not state the reason behind him taking his own life but only an apology to his loved ones saying he committed a sin by committing suicide.

“The reason for his suicide is still unknown, the family also says that he was not showing any signs that he is going through a rough patch or anything that could have led to him taking his life,” Zilawe added.

Meanwhile Zilawe has since advised the general public to always seek help when going through life challenges or if they have intense emotional pain that overwhelms their capacity to continue with life.

“If one has a problem, they should always seek counseling services from the Kgotla, counseling organisations or even at the District Commissioner’s office,” he advised, adding that suicide is not a solution to any problem but only causes unbearable loss and pain to the ones left behind.


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