Habu Human-Wildlife Co-Existence Projects Empower Locals


The Habu human-wildlife co-existence projects have been applauded for having created over 40 jobs for the residents, while also empowering over 50 community scouts.

The projects, Community Conservancy and the Pro-Nature Enterprises fall under the Habu Community Development Trust’s Sustainable Wildlife Management program.  They are co-funded by the European Union led by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations and implemented in Habu by Wild Entrust Africa.

The projects have created more than 42 jobs, trained over 50 community scouts in wildlife monitory and sustainable rangeland management with some of the lead scouts having obtained various certificates in training institution in the SADC region.

The CC project focuses on the integrated management of the NG8 concession, wildlife monitoring and patrolling as well as supporting community-based governance while the Pro-Nature Enterprises project focuses on strengthening livestock value chains and rangeland management.  Both projects collaborate and synergize on interventions linked to enterprise development, skills and capacity building in Habu.

Speaking during the community partnership engagement in Habu recently, Wild Entrust Community Co-existence project officer Ben Heermans revealed that through the projects, they have acquired over 7500 hectares of rangeland to enroll community cattle for caretaking. He revealed that as of now, 71 farmers have enrolled over 479 cattle.

Meanwhile Kgosi Mokadi Masedi of Habu has appreciated that the villages of Tubu, Habu and Nokaneng have benefitted from the projects noting that will forever remain their center of livelihood.

Kgosi Masedi further revealed that project has impacted positively in preventing high numbers of illegal hunting and poaching that was on a rise in the region.

The European ambassador to Botswana and SADC, Petra Pereyra revealed that Botswana had a rich environment that could help diversify the economy than to depend on only diamonds. She said Habu project was an exemplary model, which could be used to diversify the economy and create jobs.

Pereyra further indicated that the European Embassy has pledged their support in that regard adding that they do have a good relationship with Botswana dating back to the 1980s with a purpose to help the country fight poverty and inequality among others.


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