Gumare Police Investigate Yet Another Suicide


Police in Gumare are investigating yet another suicide case alleged to have happened recently at Etsha 1, in which an 18-year-old form 5 male student hanged himself.

According to Gumare police station commander Superintendent Chenamo Orateng the victim, was allegedly discovered by his grandfather hanging from the rafters of his house in the morning.

This latest suicide adds to a distressing trend, with four other suicides reported earlier in the year.

“Unfortunately, the deceased did not leave any suicide note or have shown any prior signs of suicidal tendencies,” Orateng lamented.

Chenamo said the deceased was rushed to Gumare Clinic, where he was pronounced dead. There were no apparent motives or signs indicating his mental state, leaving his family and the community baffled by the turn of events.

Orateng underscored the urgent need for open dialogue and support within the community, urging Batswana to seek assistance from healthcare professionals or law enforcement who could guide them to the relevant health care assistance, when grappling with mental health challenges or issues that they find impossible to deal with, instead of choosing to take their own lives.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Africa has historically maintained lower suicide rates compared to other regions. This is often attributed to strong social support systems, religious beliefs, and cultural attitudes towards mental health and suicide. However, there has been a growing recognition of mental health issues in recent years, and suicide rates may be increasing in some African countries due to various factors such as urbanization, economic stress, and social changes

However, recent years have witnessed a decline in suicides across the continent according to a study by WHO in 2019, with Botswana ranking among the countries grappling with the highest rates in the Continent, while Lesotho leads with the highest rate of suicides in the world.

Globally, suicide rates disproportionately affect males, with older age groups particularly vulnerable. While men are more likely to die by suicide, women are more prone to suicide attempts, a stark gender disparity shaped by complex social, cultural, and biological factors.

Orateng has issued a plea to the community, urging increased support for family members and proactive efforts to seek help for loved ones in distress. “We must rally around each other and extend a helping hand to those in need,” he emphasized, emphasizing the critical role of community solidarity in preventing further tragedies.


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