German Couple Killer Sentenced To Death!


  • The convict slapped with two death sentences & 10 year jail-term for robbery
  • High Court found no extenuating circumstances in the offences
  •  It says the accused person knew what he was doing
  • The convict hacked the couple to death, pinned a knife on top of the woman’s breast

Maun High Court Judge, Godfrey Nthomiwa has sentenced to death 32-year-old Sam Thindimba for the brutal murder of his employers – German couple at their farm house near Makalamabedi in December 2016.

Thindimba was on Wednesday morning slapped with two death sentences for the murder of 52 year Ulrich Oehl and Gisela Heike of the same age and another 10-year sentence in prison for robbery.

The accused person who was employed as a farm worker by the deceased persons was convicted for two counts of murder and another one of robbery. Thindimba is said to have on the 11th of December 2016 murdered 52 year Oehl by hacking him on the head with a pick. He also killed 52-year-old Heike by hacking her on the head with a pick and later finished her off with a knife by stabbing her on the left breast.

On the third count the accused person was found guilty of robbing the deceased persons their properties which included two Nokia cell phones, two tablets, Lenovo laptop, red cooler box, riffle, cash and a land cruiser with various luggage in it. Thindimba who has since confessed to the murder argued that the murder was not intentional, claiming he only wanted to rob the couple and pay himself what they owed him.

Evidence brought before court is that on the 11th December 2019 the accused person walked from Motopi village to Dombo farms where the deceased resided and entered their kitchen through a window.

The accused person is said to have then gotten himself something to eat and had alcoholic beverages, before he proceeded to the couple’s office where he stole cash and a gun. He allegedly then proceeded to a tool shack where he took a slasher and an bush pick which he used to murder the deceased persons.

Thindimba confessed that prior to entering the house he turned the lights on and found himself in the deceased’s bathroom. He revealed that when he turned the lights on the old man woke up and he smashed his head with a bush pick.

Furthermore, the accused person confessed that as he smashed Oehl’s head his wife woke up and he also smashed her head with the same bush pick confessing that he further finished her off by stabbing her with a kitchen knife on top of her left breast.

The accused person also revealed that he then went on and took the couple’s car and fled. He said he abandoned the vehicle along the way as he was unable to drive any further.

The accused person indicated that upon his arrival in Maun loaded with cash, he went on a drinking spree before being arrested by the police for questioning regarding the matter.

Oehl and Heike were reportedly found by Ineeleng Gaselengwe and Lewis Monyatsi who were also their employees at the farm. The two found the deceased persons lying motionless on their twin beds with bloody pillows.

Passing the sentence, Judge Nthomiwa said there were no extenuating circumstances when considering the manner in which the accused committed the offence. Nthomiwa explained that the accused person’s confession statement and testimony (not sown) confirmed that he knew what he was doing.

Nthomiwa said the accused person’s defence that he held the weapons to open the house were afterthoughts since he entered through an open window carrying the same tools, only use them to cause death.

“As soon as the accused person entered the farm he was armed with weapons, though he claimed he was to use the weapons to enter the house, he was also armed after entering the kitchen and even took a kitchen knife to add to his weapons,” explained Nthomiwa.

Nthomiwa further argued that the accused person’s defence that he was intoxicated after drinking alcohol he was not familiar with was not enough as it was only based in his confession statements without any supporting evidence.

Nthomiwa added that Thindimba’s defence of not being able to drive the stolen car was not true, adding it may be due to the fact that the accused was not experienced at driving more so that it had been raining and the road was muddy.

“It is clear that Thindimba was a young man of 26 years when committing the offence, though still a young man I do not think his age may have been a cause for his actions,” Nthomiwa concluded.


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