Former DBS Driver Murder Case Committed To High Court


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  • and his bail has been revoked

Maun Chief Magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalu has committed a case in which a former Broadcasting Service (DBS) driver in Maun, Gopolang Gabonatsela is alleged to have shot and killed one Taolo Serapelano in a brawl over a horse in 2020 to the high court.

This follows after some delays which at one point the chief magistrate summoned the CID boss before court to answer for.

Appearing before court last week, state prosecutor informed court that they have served the accused person with all relevant documents related to the case including a post term report and a license of the gun used to commit the crime. They pleaded for the matter to be committed to high court for commencement of trial.

The accused person confirmed receiving the documents following the presiding magistrate’s inquiry. Mulalu subsequently committed the case to high court and then revoked the accused person’s bail as is the procedure.

He thereafter advised the accused person that his bail issues will be dealt with by the High Court. He further notified him that his mention before the magistrate court shall cease adding that he will be notified when to appear before high court.

Gabonatsela who is facing a single count of murder is said to have allegedly killed Serapelano with a single shot on the back of his head in 2020.The incident reportedly took place near Dauga cattle-post where Gabonatsela, who was in company of a colleague had travelled to using a government vehicle.

The duo is said to have then met the deceased and his cousin Diphuka Kerepile riding on horses. Gabonatsela is said to have previously accused the deceased of riding his horse without his consent.

It is alleged that Gabonatsela then engaged in an argument with the deceased and it is reported that he (Gabonatsela) pulled him down from the horse with the intention to tie him up but the deceased managed to set himself free and ran. It was at this point that Gabonatsela allegedly shot him.    


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