Exercise Caution Over The Holidays –Police


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  • Public urged to embrace community policies and safe use of roads

Holidays are always a time where there is lot of movement as people visit friends and families, while at the same they are characterised by festivities in entertainment and other social gathering and in all these the police always come and caution the public to be cautions and act responsibly.

These Independence holidays, which are already upon us, are no different as the police have once again urged members of the public to practice caution.

A number of events attracting large crowds are lined up for these holidays, and police has warned that such places tend to become breeding spots for criminal activities where culprits can take advantage. Because of the increased movement, traffic incidents and offences are always a concern, hence the police always call for safety on the roads.

District No 17 Officer commanding, Senior Superintendent Victor Nlebesi has reminded the public that neighborhood watch remains key in ensuring people’s houses are safe during their absence. As the Okavango district is a tourism hub, Nlebesi also urged those who will be traveling to the district to drive safely and be mindful of the poor state of the road that is riddled with potholes.

He further advised the public to travel during the day instead of early or late at night as there are many elephants crossing over to their water sources. He said these elephants are seen mostly around those times.

He cautioned that cattle are also fond of sleeping on the road at night which can also lead to accidents as some cars do not have good lights.  Nlebesi urged drivers to check the condition of their vehicles before traveling to ensure that they are road worthy enough and are ready to travel long distances.

He emphasized the need for mindset change, pleading with the public to change the way they think and celebrate, advising night crawlers not to drink throughout the night and end up causing accidents, getting robbed or even assaulted by criminals.

“We will be out throughout the holidays, on roads with roadblocks and everywhere around the villages to enforce law and order,” he said.

Meanwhile Nlebesi advised the public to also be cautious when fishing or using canoes to cross the river as it can be very dangerous. He highlighted an incident in which a 44-year-old man of Devava ward in Kauxwi village was on the 22nd of September found floating in the Okavango river after missing for two days.

According to him, the deceased was last seen leaving home on the 20th of September and was reported missing on the 22nd.  The deceased was reportedly seen by a fisherman who saw him floating on the 22nd in the afternoon and his body of the deceased was given to his family for burial.


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