Euro Film Festival Returns!


Film buffs in Maun are once again being spoiled to a cinematic outing as the ‘Euro Film Festival’ returns this year for its second edition.

The ongoing three-day long festival is hosted by the European Union Delegation to Botswana and SADC, in collaboration with Alliance Française and Poetavango, sharing stories that educate, enlighten and inspire for persistence towards common vision of a better future.

The festival was first held last year and this year’s edition which is happening at the Botswana Open University (BOU) is being held under the theme, ‘fighting for’ reflecting on fights and struggles of different nature, from personal ones to wars, and all of which may have different objectives.

Speaking to The Weekender, European Union Press and Information Officer Bester Gabotlale explained that this year’s festival is an exciting mixture of genres from a collaboration of different European countries, while some have been sourced locally from some best directors.

Gabotlale highlighted that they have brought in three Batswana directed films including a Herero one which people in Maun can relate to as the Herero culture and tradition is mostly found in Ngamiland.

The screening of the films which kick started yesterday (Thursday) will continue today with the first movie airing at 10 am and more to come tomorrow (Saturday). The films are a thrilling fusion of comedy, documentaries and genres for children and students.

The first night featured a documentary called ‘An Invisible Omen’ which was directed by Thebe Radiakwana. The documentary is about a man, Peter Mbarimbari from South Sudan who was forced to flee the country due to the country’s civil war. He shares his experience of living between Nigeria and China.

The other movie that played on Thursday was the ‘Smuggling Hendrix’ directed by Marios Piperides and following that, cinephiles were treated to a dinner and reception.

Today, ‘La Traversee’ will be screened together with a movie directed by Batswana called ‘Cell 10.’ The local film is a 30 minutes drama with an age restriction of 10 years. It will be followed by the last film to be aired later in the evening dubbed ‘Homeward.’

On the last day (Saturday) an animation film called ‘Even Mice belong in Heaven’ which caters for all ages will be aired. The film is about two bitter enemies, a tiny mouse and a tricky fox, who met in animal heaven after an unfortunate tragedy. They then abandoned their original tendencies to become great pals. 

Their desire to be together once they return to earth is granted, but they are reincarnated in opposing positions leading them to overcome through the magic of friendship what appeared to be impossible. More movies will be screened on Saturday including Nazara, a true love story defied by Herero tradition and culture.  Entrance is free of charge plus free snacks.


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