Etka Poems: Using Poetry To Tackle Mental Health


Etka Poems is the brainchild of a young multi-talented artist who doubles as a poet and a song writer, scripting poetry books for therapy to help people with mental health problems.

The 26-year-old Katamelo Monnaatsie’s books helps those in need to work through their thoughts and emotions, regulate their feelings and to help them express the problems they may be going through.

The books are also meant for targeted clients who use the books to improve their imagination to be more engaged and connect emotionally and reflect on their own feelings, problems and desires as they read. He also writes poetry books to lead an artistic revival in the upcoming poets and authors who still haven’t found the courage to step into the art industry through his poems and books.

Monnaatsie who is a member of the Poetavango Spoken Word Poetry – an organisation that aims to elevate, develop, and promote all spoken word arts including poetry, storytelling and performance compiles short poetry pieces that make up the poetry books.

He is also the author of Take the Lead – a poetry anthology which began his poetic journey published in 2019. The book is a compilation of all the 100 poetry pieces he has made since he started his career.

Monnatsie was born in Kopong but grew up living between Maun and the southern part of the country. His love for nature and exploring different cultures helped him cultivate his poetic talent.

According to him, his love for poetry and writing began back in primary school when he used to join poetry clubs and competitions. Monnatsie revealed that he has always been inspired by the international civil rights activist, poet and award winning author, Maya Angelou and his favourite piece of her work is the ‘I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings.’

The Maun based poet is a psychologist who acquired his philosophy qualification at St. Bona Venture University in Zambia. Based on his qualification, Monnatsie further does motivational talks and performance poetry to soothe the mind in depressive seasons.

Since May is the mental health awareness month, Monnatsie has revealed that he is currently working on a book that will be published beginning of next month. He noted that his book will be focusing on the mental health of a boy child as it seems to be quite ignored in society.

Some of his other upcoming projects include the ‘Rhapsody of Light and Etka’s World’ poetic albums in a form of music which says are contribution of his work to bring change to the dark world of depression and anxiety. 


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