Empowering Tsutsubega: Impact Fund Fosters Tourism Growth


Impact Fund and People’s Path have joined forces to catalyse community initiatives and bolster small businesses in Tsutsubega to unlock the untapped potential of the local tourism value chain, ensuring that Tsutsubega thrives as a competitive player in the industry.

Impact Fund, led by Ruth Stuart, has been a driving force behind Tsutsubega community empowerment and sustainable growth, harnessing expertise to uplift and create pathways to prosperity by assisting in the establishment of the Light of Tsutsubega Development Company (LTDC).

Addressing Tsutsubega the community this week, Stuart revealed that the company will facilitate access through strategic partnerships and a capacity-building programs and ensure local businesses gain access to critical resources. She highlighted that whether it’s training, funding, or market linkages, Tsutsubega’s entrepreneurs were now better equipped to navigate the complex tourism value chain.

Furthermore, she indicated that the company will help promote effective engagement, connecting small enterprises with larger players in the industry by fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, mentorship to pave a way for effective engagement within the tourism ecosystem.

Regarding the People’s Path, Stuart revealed that the People’s Path engages directly with Tsutsubega’s residents, identifying their needs and aspirations to ensure that development initiatives align with the community’s vision.

“Understanding the intricacies of the tourism value chain is crucial. People’s Path conducts workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns, equipping Tsutsubega’s entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed to thrive,” indicating that both Impact Fund and People’s Path share a common vision: a vibrant Tsutsubega where every individual has a stake in the tourism industry.

Stuart further emphasised that their collaborative efforts are already yielding results, with small businesses gaining traction and Tsutsubega’s profile rising on the global stage. As she aptly puts it, “We’re not just building businesses; we’re building dreams. Tsutsubega’s success story begins with us.”

Kgosi Edwin Maleho of Tsutsubega applauded the good work done by Impact Fund and their partners, indicating his community has received installation of solar systems, WIFI and construction of ablutions as well as renovation of offices in the village.

Kgosi Maleho further revealed that their relationship with Impact Fund will continue to thrive for many years, indicating that, Tsutsubega stands poised to transform its fortunes.

“Several other community initiatives are making a difference in Tsutsubega, among them, Elephant Havens through habitat protection, community outreach, and the rescue and hand-rearing of young elephant orphans. Elephant Havens aims to be a leading voice in wildlife conservation awareness and protection. Their vision is a world where African elephants and local communities coexist harmoniously, and where young elephant orphans are saved and reintroduced into the wild,” he noted.

Kgosi further indicated that Tsutsubega also has a good working relationship with Africa Foundation’s water projects adding that in collaboration with and beyond and generous donors, the Africa Foundation drilled a borehole with a capacity of approximately 3000 liters for the Tsutsubega community in 2020.

“The Tsutsubega community is also working with Royal African Safaris to develop sustainable tourism projects and benefit from the wildlife they live with. This project aims to empower the community and enhance their engagement within the tourism industry. These initiatives collectively contribute to Tsutsubega’s growth, resilience, and well-being,” he said.

Light of Tsutsubega Development Company (LTDC), Ntshiang Kedumetse revealed that the company will help create more employment opportunities in Tsutsubega, indicating that they will soon apply for the allocation of land by the Tawana Land Board to start a camp site business.


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