Elephant Tramples A Man To Death In Samedupi


A 42-year-old man from Samedupi was fatally trampled by an elephant while in transit from a nearby home to his residence on Monday.

Maun Station Commander Superintendent Dennis Zilawe confirmed that the tragic incident occurred at night under the cover of the bush, making it difficult for the man to anticipate the attack. 

According to him, the deceased was on Monday morning reported to be missing, prompting a search party to be dispatched. The search team reportedly found him unconscious on the ground on rubble suspected to have been caused by the elephant’s trampling. Despite being swiftly transported to Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital by the police, the man was however pronounced dead upon arrival.

Superintendent Zilawe issued a warning to the public, especially residents of surrounding areas, to exercise caution, particularly at night. He noted an increase in elephant sightings near settlements, attributing this to their migration in search of water due to limited sources in their native areas.

“We advise the public to proceed with caution, especially at night, as elephants are being forced to migrate to areas where they can find water,” Zilawe stated.

In a separate incident, police are investigating a fatal accident that is suspected to have claimed the life of the driver of a vehicle on Friday. According to Zilawe, the incidents occurred after the car which was carrying three individuals, a man and two women, collided with an electric pole.

The occupants were transported to Letsholathebe II Memorial Hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries and subsequently released.

However, the following day, the driver complained of feeling unwell and admitted himself to Maun Private Hospital. His condition necessitated immediate transfer to Gaborone for further medical attention. Despite receiving healthcare, the man is said to have later passed away.

Superintendent Zilawe noted that while the exact cause of death is not yet conclusively linked to the car accident, investigations are ongoing. “The nature of the man’s passing is under investigation to determine whether it was due to injuries sustained from the car accident or other circumstances,” he explained highlighting that an autopsy is being conducted to provide further clarity.

The police boss also emphasised the importance of road safety, particularly at night, and urged the public to refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol. “Although this was the only accident recorded during the weekend, we advise the public to be more conscious when driving at night and to avoid unlawfully driving under the influence of alcohol,” Zilawe stressed.


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