Double Murder Case Committed To High Court


A double murder case in which a 29-year-old man of Disana ward in Maun is accused for the brutal murder of his 60-year-old mother in-law and seven-year-old step son has been committed to the high court.

The accused person Nelson Dibebe is alleged to have murdered Merafe Sianga,60, and Andile Camm aged 7, at the old woman’s residence in Maun on February 13th last year. Dibebe allegedly butchered the deceased persons with an axe while they were asleep at around 0200hours.

The ordeal reportedly happened amid marital problems he was having with his 28-year-old wife who by then was hiding for safety.

The prosecution represented by Dimpho Motseonageng this week told Maun Chief Magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalu that investigations on the matter are complete and that they have since completed the process of committing the matter to the high court for trial.

Dibebe who has been in custody since his arrest in February has pleaded with the prosecution to speed up the process of committing his case to the High Court in order for him to know his fate. This follows several of his bail applications being turned down by the magistrate’s court.

The accused was denied bail after his family and that of his wife wrote a joint letter to Maun Police Station Commander seeking that he be remanded in custody as they feared he might cause more harm.

Investigating Officer (IO) of the case, Keotshwaretse Molatlhegi also previously told the court that they feared that if released on bail the accused person would possibly go on to kill his wife Shirley Dibebe.

This, as the State believed the accused was on the hunt to murder his wife when he allegedly murdered the two, who are believed to have been collateral damage in the matter. According to Molatlhegi they feared that if granted bail, Dibebe will abscond considering the seriousness of the offence he committed.

“One of the people he killed is an innocent minor, he is likely to face the hangman if found guilty and that is enough reason for him to abscond. He tried to use the child to get to his mother and when it failed he killed him in full view of other witnesses,” Molatlhegi previously said.


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