Deplorable State Of Maun Secondary School Infuriates Minister


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  • Makwinja finds stinky unkempt boys’ hostels and dirty kitchen
  • Says the situation is a health hazard to students
  • Points out the condition of the school reflects on staff incompetence
  • Staff criticised for not having the welfare of the students at heart
  • Regional education office aware of the state of school facilities 

The assistant minister of education and skills development, Nanniki Makwinja has recently expressed her displeasure at the unacceptable and deplorable state in which Maun Senior Secondary School facilities were in, especially the hostels, kitchen and dining hall.

Makwinja who was in Maun recently for the North West Regional Education’s excellence awards, had the opportunity to visit and tour some schools in Maun, but what she saw seems to have dampened her spirits.

The assistant minister could not even hide her displeasure at ministry’s awards ceremony that evening where she was the guest of honour, as before her keynote address Makwinja expressed disappointment about the state in which she found the school to be: calling it an eyesore.

She shared that the school’s boys’ hostels are an eyesore and health hazard to the students due the stench and the unkempt buildings and environment. She said the same about the kitchen, describing it as very dirty with its surrounding even worse. The furious minister said the condition of the school reflects the incompetence of the staff, which she said was an indication that they do not have the welfare of the students at heart.

Makwinja said the school is not in a good and healthy state for students, and urged teachers to protect the learners as they are their clients because without them there won’t be work for teachers.

The minister said though there are challenges of infrastructure in the schools under the ministry, the school leadership should however make sure to always keep the environment clean especially the hostels and kitchen.

“We need to keep clean and protect the little that we have while waiting for the ministry to come up with possible solutions to the situation in our schools,” she urged the leadership.

Despite her disappointment, Makwinja appreciated the dedication that teacher portrays at all times not only in North West but across all the other 10 regions under the ministry. She applauded that the in north west region despite bad roads and lack of accommodation, the teachers thrive for excellence.

The assistant minister indicated that the 90 schools in the region have over the past years failed to reach the 50% value addition but applauded them for achieving that in the 2022 examinations with the likes of Sankoyo Primary School, Maitlamo Junior School and Shakawe Senior Secondary School exceeding 50% value addition.

Meanwhile, Makwinja promised the region that the ministry is working on decentralisation that will enable headteachers and head of departments (HOD) to make decisions and be accountable for everything at their respective schools rather than waiting for directives from the ministry or regional headquarters.

She also challenged stakeholders to continue taking part in the education system as the ministry has opened its doors for partnerships, noting that government alone cannot achieve all.

That as it may, North West Regional Education director Veronicah Mochotlhi has indicated that they are aware of the deplorable situation at Maun Senior Secondary School assuring that necessary measures will be taken to make sure that it is rectified soon.


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