Defence Wants Sex Murder Case Fully Investigated 


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An attorney for Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA) Pastor accused of murdering a Zimbabwean sex worker in December last year has called on the State to thoroughly investigate the matter.

40 year-old Marvin Radihephi is suspected to have killed a 48-year-old Zimbabwean national Warricious Bhunu after he allegedly solicited sex services from her. Bhunu was allegedly murdered in her rented house in Sanyedi ward on December 24, 2022.

The deceased was reportedly discovered by her friend who the informed neighbours and the matter was reported to the police.

Radihephi was later arrested as a key suspect on the matter after investigations revealed that he was seen by the deceased’s house on the day of the incident. The accused person who is represented by prominent Maun based lawyer, Charles Tlagae has since been granted bail.

Appearing for status update before Maun Chief Magistrate Thebeetsile Mulalu on Tuesday, the accused person’s attorney Charles Tlagae argued that though they are awaiting DNA test results from a used condom which was allegedly discovered from the scene, if the tests bare DNA of the accused person it does not automatically mean he committed the offence.

“We are all aware and should take into consideration the nature of work the deceased was engaged in, so the condom will not mean my client committed the offence,” Tlagae pointed out.

He also pleaded for the prosecution to quicken their investigations on the matter complaining about their slow progress. Tlagae complained that the case has put much pressure on the accused person who is currently suspended from his pastoral role at the Seventh Day Adventist Church (SDA).

Representing the prosecution, Dimpho Ogotseng told court that the DNA affidavit is ready but indicated that they are still awaiting the accused person’s call data report from the mobile network he uses in order to get his call history for that fateful day.

Radihephi will appear for status update on the 6th June 2023.

Meanwhile trial for a 46-year-old man of Samedupi settlement who is accused for raping a minor in July 2018 has been postponed. The matter was postponed after the accused person’s attorney failed to turn up in court and it has since been deferred to the 9th May when new trial dates will be set.

According to court details, the 11-year-old girl of the same settlement who was aged nine at the time was sent to the suspect’s house to ask for cooking oil on the evening of the fateful day where she got raped.

It is alleged that when the victim got back home she told her aunts that the accused person had ordered her to sleep on the bed and raped her before giving her the cooking oil and extra foodstuffs which she was not sent to ask for. 

The victim’s Aunts are said to have inspected her private parts and suspected that she had indeed been sexually violated.

The trial which was supposed to commence last year was postponed so that the two could undergo a psychiatric evaluation to guide the court on how to proceed with the matter. The report revealed that the suspect is mentally fit to stand trial while the victim had mental health issues.


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