DC Under Fire For Promoting Human-Wildlife Coexistence


The issue of human wildlife conflict became a hot potato once again during the North West District full council meeting where Ngamiland District Commissioner Thabang Waloka clashed with some councillors over his stance to promote co-existence between people and wildlife.

Waloka had called on the North West District councilors to come up with ideas and initiatives that may promote human-wildlife coexistence as there is no longer anyway Ngamiland people can be separated from wild animals based on its geographic structure. 

Waloka was responding to the remarks made by Boseja North councilor, Limit Banyatsang who expressed concerned that government seem to be taking lightly the encroachment by wild-animals on human habitats – killing people, livestock and damaging property at a high rate. The councilor wanted to know government’s plans to ensure that the animals are relocated from where people live.

The district commissioner was however of the view that the councilors should assist government in coming up with ideas that may help people to co-exist with the animals as he is convinced that people in Ngamiland cannot be separated from wild animals.

This however did not seat well with the outspoken Boro/Senonori Councilor Kenson Kgaga, who viewed Waloka’s response to be implying that government has run shot of ideas on separating wild animals from people. Kgaga rhetorically asked if Ngamiland residents should give up on trusting government to end human-wildlife conflict.

Convinced that government has thrown the towel on human wildlife conflict, Kgaga highlighted that Ngamiland residents are never warned in national radio and other media platforms when wild animals are found roaming their areas as compared to the same happening in other areas.

“Does this mean that Ngamiland people are the only ones who should get used to live with wild animals. The district commissioner should clarify if government has given up and that there are no plans he can make as a leader. It is very painful to hear such words coming from him when people are dying every day because of these animals,” the councilor lambasted.

Kgaga accused the current system for having failed to ensure that wildlife does not encroach into areas where people live as it used to be the case in the past.

“The district commissioner cannot stand up and say we should learn to co-exist when the animals themselves have shown that they cannot live with us. That they kill us is a sign that they cannot co-exist with people so the government is saying we should get used to the deaths caused by these wild animals and them killing our livestock and destroying our ploughing fields.”

Kgaga concluded that there should be a plan to ensure that these animals are removed from human habitations.


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