Culinary Extravaganza At Ngamiland Letlhafula Festival!


Maun was abuzz with excitement as the annual Ngamiland Letlhafula Festival, organised by the Cresta Group, celebrating Botswana’s rich culinary heritage and entertainment immersed patrons in traditional cuisine, cultural dance and song and attire on Saturday.

The festival indeed lived up to its mission, offering a sensory journey through Botswana’s diverse culinary landscape.

Motlatsi Molaletsi, the Guest Relations Officer at Cresta Hotels, shared the vision behind the event: “This event was formed to uplift our culture, whether it be the cuisine, dressing, or dance and song. We wanted to create an environment that brought the people forward and embraced our culture.”

Central to the festival was an exquisite spread of traditional dishes, meticulously prepared to highlight the flavors and techniques passed down through generations. The menu featured an array of native delicacies such as Bogobe jwa lerotse (a type of sorghum porridge), seswaa (pounded meat), mogodu (tripe), serobe (offal stew), tlhako (cow heels), and Setampa. Each dish told a story of Botswana’s rich history and deep connection to its land and people.

Botswana cuisine is known for its emphasis on natural flavors, with minimal seasoning that lets the quality of the ingredients shine. The hearty and nourishing dishes, such as seswaa and bogobe, offer a comforting rustic simplicity. Sides like morogo add delightful variations in texture and flavor, while adventurous snacks like mophane worms reflect the resourcefulness and adaptability intrinsic to Botswana’s culinary traditions.

The lively atmosphere was further amplified by electrifying performances from local artists. Stiga Sola raised the energy, followed by Matsieng who set the stage with their national hit ‘Tinto’, leaving the audience craving more. The energy peaked with a dynamic performance by Khoisan, whose live rendition of “Danko” had the crowd chanting lyrics of the song and dancing with joy.

Members of the audience were drooped in traditional wear from Botswana’s (Leteisi), to some women dressed in Zulu multicolored wear to even some men drooped in Ghananian attire.

“The focus on locally sourced ingredients and traditional preparation methods highlights the deep connection between the people and their land,” Molaletsi explained. “This year, we made sure to engage a lot of the community, from the cooks to community elders. We have also involved many local businesses, such as farmers, in this year’s Lethafula because we believe this event is not just about the food or the entertainment but the people. Their character and hospitality are unique in their own right.”

Lethafula, meaning “harvest” in Setswana, is a festival deeply rooted in the agricultural practices of the Batswana people. Historically, Botswana has been an agrarian society, where the cycles of planting, growing, and harvesting crops are central to community life and sustenance. The festival is more than just a celebration of food; it is a reflection of Botswana’s identity and heritage. It strengthens community bonds, preserves cultural traditions, and promotes a sense of pride among the Batswana people.

The event also highlighted the resilience and unity of the community. Despite the challenges posed by Botswana’s semi-arid climate, agriculture remains a vital part of life. The celebration of Letlhafula is a testament to the enduring spirit and communal values that define Batswana society.

The festival featured a myriad of sponsors, including KBL and Beef Boys, and attracted a diverse crowd from various ethnic backgrounds.

As the night drew to a close around 2 am, the attendees left the venue with satisfied palates and hearts full of cultural pride. The Letlhafula Festival not only celebrated Botswana’s rich culinary traditions, attire from various African countries and immersive traditional dance and song reinforcing the communal bonds that make such events truly special. It was a night to remember, a vibrant showcase of the agricultural heritage, cultural richness, and determined spirit of Botswana.


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