Councillors Call For Special Grading Of Bojanala Ward


…and inclusion of wards’ catchment areas

Some councillors in the North West District have called on the Ministry of Local and Rural Development to consider a special grading criteria for Bojanala ward, currently in Maun West constituency.

The council this week (Thursday) convened a special full council meeting to deliberate on the 2024 Ward grading Report where they further requested for inclusion of wards’ catchment areas which were not included during the grading assessment.

Following a 20-year halt of ward allowances for ward councillors, government has since made a decision to re-introduce them prompting councils across the country to assess wards according to their needs. The assessment was meant to determine the amount of ward allowance to be allocated to each ward councillor.

Council ward classification/grading was done using an assessment tool which its criteria focused on the population, terrain and road network, ward area, means of communication availability and access to services.

During the assessment council wards were divided into 4 categories ranging from A to B for demanding wards and grade C being the least demanding ward, D for nominated councillors.

During the discussions, Makalamabedi area councillor Moetetsi Mogalakwe argued that Bojanala ward is the most demanding ward in all the aspects considered in the grading criteria grading. He indicated that the ward is made up of areas which are not easy to access as it mostly needs special form of transport to reach.

He emphasised that these challenges make it difficult for the area councillor to easily reach the areas for servicing his constituents. Mogalakwe highlighted that due to challenges that come with the location, the area councillor has in most cases found himself using his personal funds to service the ward, something which he believes can be addressed if the award is given a special exemption grading.

The councillor further emphasised that the grading assessment has left out a number of catchment areas that form part of wards which include among them Moeti-Botshabelo ward catchment areas which form part of NG32, Tsutsubega catchment area which forms part of Shashe ward and part of Chanoga-Samedupi which its catchment areas are located in boundaries along ranches.  

For his part Kaukapita Kaukapita shared the same sentiments, noting that the grading guidelines which were used did not address the general duties of a councillor to the people, and according to his view all wards in NWDC should be classified as category A.

“As we implement the grading, we should consider the fact that it will take another 20 years for it to be changed, so it is important to not misplace wards and put them on least demanding though they are demanding,” Kaukapita pleaded.


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