Councillor Kgaga Retires A Frustrated Man


Boro/Senonnori councillor, Kenson Kgaga has expressed great disappointed on how government failed him and his electorates during the two terms he served the area. Kgaga has announced his retirement from political office at the end of this term in 2024.

In a brief interview with The Ngami Times, Kgaga noted that when he was voted as councillor for the ward in 2014 his intention was to see among other things schools built in in Boro and Senonnori, adequate drinking water supply, land rights certificates for residents to allow the access to utilities such as electricity and water among others.

“I talked about problems and challenges facing my ward which were part of my objectives when I started in 2014, my voice was heard but I was disappointed by those in power, those the ruling party as they appeared to be careless about the people. We are failed and frustrated by policies of the ruling party,” Kgaga said in frustration.

The outspoken politician added that his other objective was to see the government changing tourism policies that hinder Batswana from participating in the tourism value chain. He indicated that the issue of prioritising the leasing tourism land in the delta to foreigners is among the problem.

“One other thing that I have talked tirelessly about and got disappointed is one where labour inspectors are transported into the delta camps and given free accommodation by the same companies which they are to inspect. That on its own gives the companies clean reports at the expense of employees who continue to be ill-treated,” a dejected Kgaga said.

 Having joined active politics around 1985 and elected to council in 2014 and 2019 consecutively, Kgaga announced that he will not be seeking re-election due to old age.

The 77-year-old, Monana (youth) as he is affectionately called is among the first Batswana to go against all odds and penetrate the hospitality industry. Kgaga established Naga Safaris when it was still not so common for locals to enter the industry.

When he took political office, he stayed consistent advocating for citizen participation in the tourism industry. 

While he won’t seek re-election, Kgaga said he will be active in the campaigns for the coming general elections, adding his desire is to hand over to a younger person who would serve the same community better.

Monana leaves behind a mark in the Boro/Senonnori area as he advocated for a two teacher classroom for lower class primary school students in Boro settlement. Kgaga could not bear the situation of children as young as 6 years traveling from Boro to Maun to school. The councilor has also seen old age pensioners being able to receive their pension in Boro after he constructed an office at his own expense as a payment point for pensioners.


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