Councillor Kgaga Receives Community Hero Award


Hailed as the epitome of selflessness, a kind and passionate man, councillor for Senonnori/ Boronyane Ward, Kenson Kgaga this week received an Honorary Community Hero Award bestowed by the T.P Elias Private Office.  

According to the office, the award is given to any person or entity that has had an outstanding performance and contribution to society over the years and has maintained consistency in their endeavour. Its main goal is to motivate society to stick to hard work and good will at all times as a way of contributing to making the world a better place to live in.

This year’s award goes to councillor Kgaga, a hero who among his other lifetime achievements dating back from the year 1972 include having brought a remarkable contribution and change to Botswana’s tourism industry as the first Motswana tour guide, mobile safari operator and founder of the Botswana Guides Association.

Kgaga introduced Mokoro Station at Boro and Ditshiping, fought for the release of tourism license to Batswana citizens and advocated for the training of local Batswana as professional guides as well as advocating for citizens owning and operating camp sites. the incumbent elected councillor for Senonnori/ Boronyane, an office he is retiring from by the end of this political term. Additionally, Kgaga is also a senior minister at Faith After Christ church.

For all these lifetime achievements, the councillor was awarded the Lifetime Hero Award certificate as well as a P10 000 cash reward by the office.  

Speaking at the ceremony, founder of the award, T.P Elias stated that the hero awards are a necessity that people and the government need to adopt to recognise and celebrate local heroes while they are still alive. Elias said their intention is for the award to be held and celebrated annually where a deserving member will be identified and awarded accordingly.   

An emotional Kgaga expressed gratitude towards receiving his award and stated how honoured he feels for having his work and efforts be recognised and appreciated by society. He mentioned that as a primary school drop out without any fancy education and degrees his work is guided by God whose wisdom and gift motivates his work.  Kgaga urged everyone to put God first, to serve people wholeheartedly and to have passion for making a change and a vision for a better Botswana. 


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