Council Wants Land Board To E xpedite Sexaxa Land Allocations


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North West District councillors have passed a motion by Matlapana councillor, Kobamelo Baikgodisi requesting Tawana Land Board to expedite confirmation and allocation of residential plots in Sexaxa for residents who occupied them before the settlement was incorporated into the Maun development area.

In November 2012 families who stayed in Sexaxa were left homeless after the board demolished homes at the settlement on the basis that it was not recognised. The settlement was subsequently recognised and incorporated into Maun in 2016, and land allocation later commenced in August of the same year. For the 2020/21 financial year around 3000 plots were allocated in Sexaxa.

Tabling the motion Baikgodisi told council that about 60 residents who occupied plots in Sexaxa before it was recognised have not been allocated plots.

Baikgodisi noted that most residents at that time of allocation were employed by safari companies operating in the Okavango Delta hence they were unable to show up for allocation. He indicated that during allocation, plots which showed that they had occupants were given plot numbers with an intention to finish off the process once the occupants were available. 

He lamented that from 2016 Maun sub-land board has not been forthcoming with information on the pending allocations, adding that in 2021 he wrote a letter to the board requesting it to fast track the processs but to no avail.

Baikgodisi noted that this impending land allocation has negatively affected the residents as they are unable to connect water or electricity to their homes despite them having been there before the settlement was recognised.

In support of the motion Boro/Senonnori councillor Kenson Kgaga indicated that such motions do not need any debates. He also requested for the Maun-sub land board to speed up confirmation of land allocation for the said residents noting that their constitutional right to ownership of land have been violated.

Kebareeditse Ntsogotho of Khwai/Mababe area who shared the same sentiments with Kgaga noted that provided the residents followed the right land allocation procedure, their rights are being violated.

He further brought to the Maun sub-land board’s attention that most people who work in safari companies in the delta often face transport challenges adding that some might have not even received the message that they are needed for allocation.

Boyei councillor Ntlogelang Kebonyekgotla who was also in support of the motion raised his concerns over landboard’s failure to confirm land allocation for residents who long occupied the area before it was incorporated.

“What surprises me is to see motions like this before council, motions such as this one should not be here if Land Board was performing its duties,” Kebonyekgotla said.

Tawana Land Board officials were conspicuously absent to respond to the motion.


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