Comedy, Drama Vibrancy On Display At Regional Arts Festival!


The north west regional competitions of national arts festival, held over the week brought the vibrancy of Botswana’s artistic talents to the forefront in the categories of comedy and drama. The competitions ended with Richard Vhal, popularly known as ‘Vhal,’ and the Chobe Arts emerging as the victors in their respective categories, this past weekend.

The event saw five competitors vying for the top spot in both the comedy and drama categories, each delivering a series of captivating performances. In the comedy category, Richard Vhal clinched first place, followed by Boniface Roy and Ouza, who secured second and third places, respectively.

Vhal’s performance was the highlight of the comedy segment. The veteran comedian wowed the audience with his unique rendition of ‘Baby Shark,’ creatively woven into a splash instrumental. The interactive nature of his performance had the entire audience chanting along, culminating in a punchline that left the crowd in stitches and applauding vigorously.

“I had prepared well for this competition with my focus this time on the storytelling aspects of the comedic art,” Vhal shared. “Instead of relying on quirky lines to get people laughing, I wanted to involve the audience in the performance and create an interactive set.”

In the drama category, the competition was equally fierce with each performance infused with elements of singing, drum playing, and dynamic acting, making the judges’ decision a challenging one. Ultimately, the Chobe Arts Council secured first place, followed by Reatile Theatre Production and Arise and Shine Theatre Production in second and third places, respectively.

Chobe Arts’ performance was a force to reckon with, bursting with infectious energy that captivated the audience from start to finish. Their themed presentation focused on tourism and art, aiming to educate the public on the economic and cultural merits of the arts. The seamless transitions between sets and the group’s charismatic delivery left a lasting impression on the viewers.

Rancheke Rancheke, the coordinator for Chobe Arts, expressed his satisfaction with the victory. “We are happy that our hard work has yielded such results, and we have managed to secure first place in this region. We had well prepared for these competitions and would like to do even better in the final competitions. We promise to bring even more energy and the kind of determination and execution that would be worthy of a winner. I truly believe in our collective and believe this year we can take it all.”

The National Arts Festival under the Ministry of Youth, Gender, Sport and Culture (MYSC), inaugurated by the government in 2008 and initially known as the President’s Day Competitions, is a significant cultural event. The festival aims to promote local arts and culture by encouraging participation in various artistic categories throughout the country. Its objectives include showcasing Botswana’s unique and diverse culture, reawakening national spirit through the celebration of the arts, empowering artists financially and professionally, and enhancing social harmony and nationhood.

Held annually, the festival covers both performing arts (theatre, poetry, traditional dances, and instruments) and visual arts (fashion, pottery, painting, graphic design, photography, and sculpting). It provides a crucial platform for artists to showcase their talents and contribute to the country’s creative economy.

This year’s winners in the region will be set to proceed to Gaborone for the final competitions where position one and two would taken from each region to the finals to compete for the Grand prize in the National competitions later this year.

Reflecting on his performance and looking ahead, Vhal expressed optimism. “I think I was a bit rusty in this performance, and I know in the next performance I will be even better. But what I would like to assure Batswana is that I will guarantee a front seat to laughs and a set that the audience will enjoy fully. I have yet to give a lot more to these competitions and the art in general.”


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