CMD records collaborates with American record label


Collaboration to assist local artists to record and produce music in the US

Slizer among the first artists to benefit

Maun based music production company, CMD Records has collaborated with Dagee Records, based in Texas (United States of America) to help local artists to record and produce their music abroad.

The collaboration according to CMD Records producer, Mmoloki Carlos Ditsheko will also accord local artists the opportunity to shoot high quality videos for their music. Dagee Records which is a Motswana business based in the US has previously recorded and mastered instrumental beats with CMD Records vocals in Botswana.

In a phone interview with The Weekender, Dagee Records Label Founder, Goodwill Daniel who resides in Texas said they are a music record label which also provides DJ services with an objective to make the world a better place for upcoming talents.

“We have a role to play, thus empowering young talent through collaborations and features. Our aim is to enhance the quality of music from Africa especially Botswana,” Daniel said.

Part of the collaboration includes sending raw files or music for further processing in the US. He explained that this can also be through selling music via digital platforms and also featuring it on online radio station dubbed Dagee Radio which is live 24/7. Daniel assured that they will continue working with other local labels like CMD Records and Producers like Harry Cane in Botswana.

Through CMD Records, Naledi Kaisara who goes by the stage name ‘Slizer’ in the music industry is one of the local artist who will benefit from the collaboration by CMD Records and Dagee Records Label. Slizer could only confirm the developments but declined to divulge more information citing that her managers are still working on the deal.

The Bobirwa born artist however praised CMD records for the good work they are doing in the music industry especially helping upcoming artists. She indicated that her soon to be released single titled ‘Kafa le Kafa, was composed and done at CMD Records.

 The song will be part of her album which is set to be released mid this year. In her song, slizer said she used the Herero lines to accommodate her million fans across the country and Namibia. Slizer said she was inspired by her multitude of fans in Rundu, Windhoek and Katima-Molelo where the Herero language is popularly spoken. She indicated that the Herero lines were an input by a Herero local artist, Nature BW.

CMD Records has also last week recorded and released a Setswana single song for Madisa-Kgabo Traditional Group from Ghanzi called ‘Setswana Madingwao.’ The group released their first single with CMD Records in 2020 called Leroborobo.

Madisa-Kgabo Leader Lasco Kandjou appreciated and thanked CMD Records for the help that they got from them within the short period of time they have worked together. He appreciated that besides recording with CMD Records they have also received knowledge on how to write songs and become confident in the music space.


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