Chobe Residential Plots Waiting List Stands At 13 671


The waiting list for residential plots applications in Chobe District currently standing at 13 671 and the number is constituted by Lesoma, Kazungula, Pandamatenga, Parakarungu and Mabele villages.

The waiting list in Lesoma is reportedly standing at 6 904, Kazungula waiting list stands at 4 012, Pandamatenga 2 129 plot residential plots requests, while Mabele and Parakarungu constitutes 512 and 114 requests respectively.

This was revealed by Chobe Land Board Chairperson Bwaambo Limbo during the press conference that was held in Francistown last week. According to Limbo, there are some different economic and physical factors that have led to the high number of waiting list   in Lesoma, Pandamatenga and Kazungula villages.

Limbo has stated that due to the high economic activity in Kazungula village which is the business hub in Chobe district, due to its proximity to borders of three countries, the demand for land is high in the village. She said that in 2021 when they started considering applications in Kazungula the waiting list was at10 000 and have since reduced it to 4 012.

As for Lesoma, Limbo stated that the village is located in a forest reserve as such there is no space for tribal land to allocate plots for the applicants. She noted that they have made an effort by identifying the available open spaces in the village and allocated 50 plots this week. She said that the negotiations are still on going with different stakeholders for the land board to be allocated portions of land within the forest reserve so that they can consider allocating other applicants in the next coming years.

Limbo said that the delay in allocating land in Pandamatenga which has contributed to the increase in the waiting list is caused by the fact that the type of soil in that village is not suitable for residential allocations, but only suitable for farming.

Meanwhile, Limbo stated that in the current financial year their target was to allocate 4 000 plots and as at the 26th March this year the land board has already allocated 1 595 across the whole district, and that that is only 40% of the land they had intended to allocate.

She stated that among 1 595 plots they allocated as of March this year, 1 381 plots were allocated in Kazungula, in Kavimba they have allocated 76 plots, in Kachikau 109 plots have been allocated while in Satau 26 plots have been allocated. Limbo has revealed that currently there is no waiting list in Kavimba, Kachikau and Satau.


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