‘Call For Batawana To Introspect’


Batawana Chief Representative, Kgosi Oleyo Ledimo has called on the tribe to introspect so as to redeem its integrity and dignity. This as Kgosikgolo Tawana Moremi II’s return to office was celebrated on Friday last week.

On the 3rd of April, 2023 Moremi resumed his royal duties after almost two decades in the political field. 

Ledimo who seemed to be concerned by the way things have been happening which he believes is likely to diminish the integrity of the Chieftaincy, said his call was not meant to ruffle feathers or belittle anyone but instead to ensure that things are corrected and put back on line.

His blatant address specifically focused on Moremi’s territory which he believes is being diminished, perceived oppression of other tribal groups and the appropriate way Kgosikgolo and his representatives and their spouses ought to be addressed as far as royal titles are concerned. Ledimo cautioned the tribe that they are the ones who can either degrade or raise the integrity, and dignity of Kgosi Tawana.

“As we celebrate the return of Tawana I saw it fit that we put right these issues. I know this may disturb feelings of others or those of a certain group but this should not be taken otherwise because i only want for his integrity to be redeemed. This is meant to teach people and children so that they can understand our chieftaincy,” pleaded Ledimo.

First Ledimo noted that though it is right to say Moremi is the chief of Batawana, this he however said should not be meant to limit him as if he is chief of Maun only. He advised that Moremi should instead be addressed as the chief of ‘Goo-Moremi’ so that his integrity and presence can be felt throughout the entire territory from Phuduhudu up to Gudigwa. 

“I say this knowing that we are made of different tribes and cultures. So this should not mean Tawana is demeaning others or regarded as an oppressor of others but the fact of the matter is that he is the Chief of this entire territory” noted Ledimo who added. “If the law change as time goes on, yes he will rule within his allocated territory.”

Ledimo has also clarified that Moremi is the only one who should be addressed as a Kgosi clarifying that the same tittle should not be extended to his representatives or deputy.

“I Ledimo I am not a chief but a representative so if the intention is to redeem the integrity of Bogosi let us understand where we end. There is only one Chief in this area that is Tawana and when we say there is only one Chief this is not meant to disgrace anyone. Let us understand and accept this so that it does not cause any confusion.”

Ledimo said the same also goes to MmaKgosi and Mohumagadi titles which he explained should only refer to Moremi’s mother and wife/s respectively.

Meanwhile, regarding the royal titles, Kgosi Rabosigo Rabosigo of Shageng Ward shifted the blame on the tribe arguing that they are the one who address them as Dikgosi and that they also appoint their wives in various committees as Bahumagadi. “This should not be like we are blaming others, let us teach each other well without pointing a finger,” Rabosigo responded to Ledimo’s remarks.

Some members of the tribe have however appreciated Ledimo’s call, assuring that going forward they will abide by that though it will take them some time to get used especially with regard to the royal titles.


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