Botswana Stock Exchange Takes Pride In Chobe Holdings


Celebrating 40 years of existence with corporate stakeholders recently, Chobe Holding group was showered with accolades for its remarkable milestones in terms of growth and contribution to the local economy.

The company celebrated its four-decade journey in an event officiated by Vice President Slumber Tsogwane, and Botswana Stork Exchange Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thapelo Tsheole also made some remarks. Also in attendance was the minister trade Kgafela Mmusi and his assistant Beauty Manake.

Tsheole in his remarks exalted the company for having taken a bold step to list in the local bourse in 1999, a step that was a genesis of the company’s journey punctuated by successes and accomplishments, which has made it one of the best performing stocks in the BSE.

“As we reflect upon the history of Chobe Holdings Limited’s listing, we are reminded of the company’s resilience and steady progress. Over the years, the company’s share price history has demonstrated a remarkable upward trajectory, a testament to its sound business strategies, effective leadership and dedication to delivering value to its investor,” Tsheole highlighted.

To demonstrate the company’s market performance lately, Tsheole revealed that Chobe Holding stock share price on the BSE closed August 22, 2023 at P14.75, a 32.3% gain over its previous closing price of P11.15.

“Chobe began the year with a share price of P7.91, and has since gained 86.5%, ranking it as one of the best performing stocks on the BSE in terms of year to date performance,” Tsheole elaborated.

Further to these remarkable performance, a study conducted by African Financial Markets placed Chobe Holding as the third most traded stock on the BSE over past three months, having traded over 9 million shared at P133 million.

The shareholding of the company also showed that 76% were Batswana at the beginning of the year, an applaudable feat towards citizen empowerment.

Tsheole further expressed: that the company has not excelled as a listed company, but also its efforts to raise capital.

“The Company’s history of capital raising showcases its ability to secure resources for strategic investments, expansion and innovation. The history reflects the trust and confidence that investors, both domestic and international, have placed in the company’s vision and potential as a leading tourism and hospitality company in Botswana,” he said.

As a trailblazer in the tourism industry Tsheole said Chobe Holdings can lead in embracing green finance, which is in line with its ongoing initiatives to align their business model with environmental, social, governance considerations as well as promoting sustainable development.


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