Botswana Badminton U15 Training Camp Kicks Off


An intensive training camp by the Botswana Badminton Association (BBA) for its Under-15 category, started this week in Maun.

The camp aimed to prepare the young athletes for an upcoming tournament in South Africa, reflecting the BBA’s commitment to nurturing future badminton stars.

Karabo Mosweu, the junior national team coach, emphasised the importance of these training camps. “These sessions are designed to elevate the players from their current mid-level performance to a better condition ahead of the upcoming games in South Africa,” Mosweu explained.

The training camp, which started on June 10th and ran from Monday to today (Friday), features a mix of both male and female participants under the age of 15. Athletes from various parts of Botswana are taking part, showcasing a wealth of aspiring talent. Mosweu is focused on moulding these young players into stronger competitors within their category.

In an exciting development, the camp also benefited from the expertise of Keita Fakuda, a member of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and a volunteer coach. Fakuda’s presence is part of a broader collaboration to enhance the training quality.

“I would like to help as much as I can and really share my knowledge of the sport with the athletes here. I hope they can develop to an exceptional standard,” Fakuda stated.

Mosweu highlighted the significance of having Fakuda on board. “While I believe that we can develop with what we have, there is only so much we can do alone. We sought out whatever assistance we could to grow the sport. Fakuda, from Japan, has been a great addition to our training camp,” he said.

The addition of Fakuda is expected to yield positive results, as Japan is renowned for its strength in badminton. The country has consistently performed well in international competitions, including the prestigious HSBC BWF World Tour Super 750. Japanese players are celebrated for their tireless work ethic and rigorous training routines, qualities that have propelled them to the top tiers of the sport.

Additionally, the South Africa International 2024 Future Series is scheduled to take place in Cape Town from November 28 to December 1, 2024. Additionally, there was an Under 15 Open event in Bloemfontein which was held from February 23 to February 25, 2024. These events were part of the Badminton Confederation of Africa’s calendar and with the Future Series ahead, it would a great opportunity for young badminton players under the age of 15 to compete and showcase their talents.

Beyond immediate preparations for the South African tournament, the BBA has broader ambitions. Mosweu revealed plans for the future, saying, “This training camp is part of a larger goal. We are also preparing for the All Africa Badminton Games. We aim to be ready to compete and excel in these games, especially considering the gap in performance since the last event due to the post-COVID-19 period.”

The training camp was not just about physical conditioning but also about instilling a competitive spirit and strategic understanding of the game. With the combined efforts of local and international expertise, the young athletes are expected to develop their skills significantly.

In conclusion, the Botswana Badminton Association’s initiative to conduct this training camp underscored its dedication to elevating the standard of badminton in the country. With the guidance of Coach Mosweu and the invaluable support from Fakuda, these young players are on a promising path to make a mark in the upcoming tournament in South Africa and beyond. As they strive towards excellence, the future of badminton in Botswana looks brighter than ever.


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