BFA’s Safeguarding Training Comes To Nhabe


More than 50 development coaches and administrators across Maun schools and teams coaches took part in this week’s safeguarding training workshop facilitated by the Botswana Football Association (BFA).

The workshop which was organised by Nhabe Regional Football Association (NRFA) (BFA) and facilitated by BFA’s safeguarding officer, Sydney Kafeka was the first of its kind to take place in the region.

The main objective of the training is safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable individuals in the football fraternity. Coaches and administrators from the Nhabe region gathered and engaged in crucial discussions about creating a safer and more inclusive football environment.

The workshop emphasised in four key pillars: prevention through education and awareness programs, protection through robust policies and procedures, provision of support services as well as partnership and collaboration.

Kafeka revealed that coaches and administrators were educated on recognising signs of abuse, understanding their responsibilities, and fostering a protective environment. By equipping them with knowledge, the BFA aims to prevent incidents before they occur, adding that the BFA underscore the importance of implementing clear and effective safeguarding policies. These policies serve as a shield, safeguarding players, coaches, and all stakeholders from harm.

According to Kafeka, the association recognises that some individuals may have already experienced harm. Therefore, the workshop highlighted the need for accessible support services, ensuring that affected parties receive the necessary assistance, indicating that the BFA actively collaborates with relevant organisations and agencies to ensure a comprehensive approach to safeguarding. By working together, they create a safety net that extends beyond football fields.

“This groundbreaking event not only impacted the Nhabe region but also resonated across the global football community,” emphasising that the dedication displayed by the BFA safeguarding team is truly commendable. Their commitment to the welfare of children and vulnerable individuals, whether it is protecting them from physical or emotional harm, sets a powerful example for the entire football community in the region.

Kefaka encouraged the attendees to keep spreading awareness and making a positive impact in football and community, indicating that by prioritising safeguarding, they will not only protect the game they love but also nurture a culture of care and responsibility.


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