Be Vigilant This Festive Season – Police


Police have said for the region to enjoy a crime and road accident free festive season, it is incumbent upon the general public to play its part in combatting these two, which usually sky rocket during this time of the year.

District No17 Officer Commanding Senior Superintendent Victor Nlebesi has urged members of the public and tourists who will be travelling in their policing area during this festive season to be vigilant at all the times, to avoid becoming victims of any unfortunate incidents of crime and road accidents.

He said as usual, the police are working around the clock to ensure a safer and crime-free festive season, assuring that police visibility will be bolstered in hotspot areas.

He however urged that safer holidays can only be achieved if individuals and communities cooperate with the police and law enforcement by adhering to awareness tips.

“The Festive season is synonymous with increases in certain categories of crime therefore the public should be reminded to be extra vigilant, we all need to be wary and avoid becoming a statistic,” Nlebesi pleaded.

He has since urged drivers to be extra vigilant when driving especially along the A35 road which has a lot of potholes and domesticated livestock.

“I therefore urge drivers to avoid traveling at night unless it is a pressing matter, however if so cut your speed to 80 km/h,” Nlebesi advised.

He further emphasised the importance of ensuring that vehicles are road worthy before they are used for long trips.

Meanwhile Nlebesi also cautioned the public about house breaking when people have travelled. “If you going away for the holidays, ensure that your property is safe by installing an alarm system and ensure that the property is brightly lit. Notify your neighbours when going away so that they can look out for any strange activity around your house,” he advised.

He further discouraged walking around with a large amount of money in the pockets and also walking or jogging with cell phones or any other valuable exposed as that attracts criminals.

He further advised the public to avoid swimming in the water bodies in the area as they have dangerous animals. He also said cases of drowning are prevalent this time of the year as many are attracted to the rivers and swimming pools.


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