BDP Postpones North West Regional Congress


In a last minute turn of events, the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has postponed the North West regional congress which was scheduled for tommorow.

Party Secretary General Kavis Kario confirmed in an interview that the North West region will not host its elective congress tomorrow (Saturday) due to some issue within the party.

Kario further revealed that the party will in due course reveal the date for the congress, indicating that other regions gearing up for this pivotal event tomorrow include the Western region, South East, and Central, among the seven regions expected to host elective congress out of the 14 regions.

The secretary further revealed that this weekend’s elective congress is expected to be a barometer for the party’s strength and unity as it prepares for national elections. The BDP, which has been the ruling party since Botswana’s independence, faces the challenge of maintaining its dominance amid growing opposition and calls for change.

He indicated that the elective congresses will be a platform for party members to voice their opinions and elect leaders who will steer the BDP in the coming years adding that it is a time for reflection and decision-making, as the outcomes of these elections could significantly influence the party’s future direction.

“As the BDP holds these critical elections, all eyes will be on the party’s ability to uphold democratic values and manage internal dynamics. The results from the seven regions will set the tone for the party’s approach to governance and reform, both of which are crucial for Botswana’s continued progress and stability,” he said.

He further added that the BDP’s regional elections are not just a routine procedure; they are a testament to the party’s commitment to democracy and its adaptability in the face of evolving political currents.

He emphasised that tomorrow will undoubtedly be a defining moment for the BDP and for Botswana’s democratic journey.

Meanwhile, the North West regional, chairperson position will pit two candidates, Moatlhodi Judge Sango and Tebogo Boalotswe, both from Maun West constituency.

From Sango’s camp, Dineo Naga will challenge Chimney Mululwani for the regional vice chairperson position while Galefele Maokeng from Boalotswe’s camp will go toe-to-toe with Gontse Lubinda of Sango’s camp for the regional secretary position.

Sango’s camp has Bashi Makeva representing Okavango East for the position of deputy secretary while Omphile Medupi from Ngami will go for the treasurer position, deputised by Nna Maeze from Okavango East constituency.

From Boalotswe’s camp, they have deployed Ikopanyeng Gabela from Okavango to challenge for the position of regional vice secretary. Maun North’s Irene Elias will challenge for the treasurer position while Letshwanetse Balemoge from Ngami will challenge for the deputy treasurer position.


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