Bana Ba Metsi Moves To Accredit Programmes With BQA


Bana ba Metsi, a reform school for primary school male drop outs and underprivileged, is in the process of acquiring Botswana Qualification Authority (BQA) accreditation for its vocational programmes offered to students.

This has been revealed by Bana ba Metsi Schoolhead Rayna Mmereki, who indicated that their main aim is to produce industry ready graduates as they elevate to junior level after completing their Primary School Living Examination (PSLE).

The school, which is located in the Okavango District, near Ngarange village, on the eastern panhandle caters for boys, most of whom have been affected by problems which interfered with their primary level education such as HIV/AIDS, poverty, bullying and being orphaned.

It and provides practical vocational skills development in bricklaying, carpentry, mechanics, agriculture, music and information technology. The school is said to have shown great efficiency as the boys constantly engage in commercial activities that give them a sense of belonging.

Although primary education is freely offered, students particularly in remote areas, find it difficult to fit into the traditional education system and drop-out or get expelled for various reasons such as behavioral issues, poverty and orphan families among others.

Mmereki indicated that though the school admits children aged between 12 and 15 through social workers, they in most cases find themselves accommodating children up to 18 years.

She highlighted that with a BQA accredited qualification, students leaving the school will be able to enroll for institutions of higher training such as brigades.

“The students will be able to complete their primary school and at the same time get entrance certificates for their respective practical skills and be able to further them in brigades,” Mmereki said.

She further highlighted that due to their reliance on donations, the school operates under acute financial restraints hence they have through the practical works been able to conduct some of the school’s minor renovations.

According to Mmereki the school has a success story of having provided an opportunity for youth at risk to develop understanding, skills, attitudes and personal qualities through the dignity of learning and work in order to re-enter the formal education system and become productive members of the community.


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