Arone’s BDP Return Causing Divisions!


  • Dikgosi accused of campaigning for Arone
  • Some party diehard still doubt Arone’s loyalty
  • Kgosi Mbambo denies campaigning for Arone
  • Dina claim some Dikgosi are de-campaigning him
  • Arone aware of divisions in the region
  • Confirms that he indeed met some Dikgosi to seek advise

The return of former Member of Parliament for Okavango Bagalatia Arone to the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) has reportedly led to divisions among party faithfuls in the area. This as, some members want him to contest for Okavango East constituency while others still doubt his loyalty to the party and instead want the new man in the block Cameroon Dina to represent them.

The divisions are said to be influenced by the reports that there are some of the tribal leaders who are rumored to have started campaigning for Arone and among those linked with such reports is Kgosi Mbambo. Mbambo has since denied the claims and distanced himself from such allegations arguing that he has never been involved in politics.

In an interview with The Ngami Times, Mbambo dismissed the reports as baseless and meant to tarnish his name. He added he has no role to play in politics.

The tribal leader argued that he is among those chosen by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for the ward demarcation in the district therefore he cannot be part of any political party, or even involve himself in campaigns for political candidates.

“You are not supposed to ask me of the church that I am not attending or take part in anything that is done there because to my knowledge, no one came to me and briefed me of such issue or allegations,” he flatly denied the reports.

Arone’s return to BDP follows a short stint at the UDC where he was welcomed as member of the Botswana Patriotic Party (BPF) before he made a change of mind.

Meanwhile Dina who is set to face Arone during BDP primaries, claimed that he often receives information from his supporters in the constituency regarding some of the village leaders, Dikgosi in particular who are said to be campaigning against him. Dina said from the reports he received, Kgosi Mbambo is one of the elders who is said to be campaigning against him.

“I will soon confirm the reports myself because I am not sure if it is true or not but I am certain that there are those who are campaigning against me and are trying to demoralise me from standing for the constituency,” Dina said.

Dina further claimed that most of those who are said to be campaigning against him are rumored to be from Okavango West, and wondered what their interest in the east would be.

For his part, Arone said he is indeed aware of the reports that there are division in the constituency but refuted claims that Dikgosi are campaigning for him. According to him, he previously met elders in the constituency to inform them of his decision to return to the party (BDP) and to represent them at the upcoming primary elections.

Arone confirmed that he met with some Dikgosi because of their status as village elders therefore it was paramount to inform and seek advice from them. He however refused to disclose those Dikgosi that he met, arguing that it is confidential information.


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